Ask any millennial to choose their #1 dream travel destination, and there’s a good chance a large percentage of them will say they want to visit Cuba.

That’s not a surprise. Prior to former President Obama forge a relationship with the country in 2015, ending decades-long hostility between the U.S. and Cuba following the Cold War, Cuba was off-limits for most Americans. That all changed when President Obama worked aggressively to re-establish ties with the nation, with the landmark event inspiring travelers everywhere to head to the country that is just 90 miles away in distance, but decades away in time. In 2016, USA Today reported how Cuba’s music, history and Afro-Cuban culture made the nation a big draw for black travelers, and almost instantly it seemed as if everyone had plans to visit the elusive country.

Despite the Trump Administration imposing new travel restrictions on U.S. Citizens visiting Cuba, the most notable being the elimination of the Obama-era “people-to-people” educational trip privilege for Americans that want to plan their own independent itinerary, there’s no doubt that travelers will still make their way down to the island. If you’re still not already Havana-dreaming, these pictures will change your mind.

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We pretty much want to trade places with Nneka Julia so we can start our day on a glorious balcony, too.

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Sunny knows the deal about getting around those Havana streets.

Nobody does Cuba like Asiyami Gold. 

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For real. Every one of her pictures from her Cuban adventure will have you scrolling Expedia for flights in a second.

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There’s more to Cuba than classic cars and colorful buildings.

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These two are giving us serious mother-daughter time inspiration during their Cuban vacation.

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It also helps when you dress the part.

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What can be more picturesque than Pinar del Río, Cuba?

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And it’s safe to say there’s nothing on Earth quite like Fusterlandia.

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The only thing that can make Cuba better? Experiencing it with your crew.


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