In just 48 hours, District Motherhued’s second annual Momference, a conference dedicated to celebrating and empowering black millennial moms was sold out.

District Motherhued, which began in 2016, is the DMV’s premier organization for millennial moms of color.

For Monique Ross, communication specialist for the Momference and a full-time mom herself, a sold-out event only validated the need.

“You’re a mom 24 hours of the day, but you’re also in hustle mode, mom-preneur mode trying to get it and secure that bag,” she tells Travel Noire. “And you’re doing this all while building your family, planning play dates and trying to grow with your community. The Momference really helps you balance it all.”

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Exactly one week after Mother’s Day weekend, 500 moms of color will gather in the nation’s capital to discuss parenting, business, relationships and self-love.

Two women who make balancing full-time motherhood and work look easy inspired the idea behind the conference: Nikki Osei-Barrett and Simona Noce Wright. 

The reason? To create a safe space for moms of color to feel supported. 

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“We asked our social media followers what they thought about a conference for moms of color, including topics that they would like to hear,” Osei-Barrett said. “We received more than 200 comments so that in itself just validated our idea and we proceeded from there.”

Photo courtesy of District Motherhued Founder. Co-founders Nikki Ocei-Barrett and Simona Noce Wright

Now in its second year, Travel Noire spoke with the Momference co-founders to learn more about this annual event:

Travel Noire: What inspired Momference?

Momference co-founders:  We had a lot of moms who reached out to us and said we would love to experience the magic of District Motherhued, as well as our own local moms who had so many ideas, and topics to talk about to discuss.

Nikki and I decided that we needed just one day to tackle so many different topics and really expand the mom tribe and build sisterhood through motherhood.

There are so many amazing conferences all over but there was not a conference dedicated to moms.

Being a mom is not a small role that we hold.  It is a huge role and everything that falls under that role is connected no matter if we’re talking about health or our careers.

TN: What can guests expect this year?

This year’s theme is Give, Grow, and Glow.

We’re going to be talking about how motherhood encourages us to give, the gift our children, how we grow in our experiences, and how we shine through the joy of motherhood.  We’re going to discuss everything from building a winning sister circle, a winning mom tribe, and parenting tactics across the spectrum.  Even with children who have special needs and what those discipline and parenting tactics are.

We’re going to be talking about health, including the maternal mortality rate, uncovering some issues about infertility, and lighter topics, including fashion, sex, and how the post-baby life affects our sex life and relationships.

TN: What’s the overall goal of the conference?

There are a lot of things, simple things, that we don’t know, like the different options regarding delivery and your birthing style

We really just want to have a good time and make sure we are sharing the resources and educating our moms.