The world’s most luxurious private island and resort has officially launched its ultra-luxury spa in the Maldives. Eveylaa Wellbeing is the final addition to Velaa Private Island’s groundbreaking well-being village.

The village is more than a pitstop for massages and spa treatments. It’s a destination for healing in Noonu Atoll. A 45-minute flight from Malé, Noonu Atoll is known for its stunning natural beauty along the Indian Ocean. 

Guests will embark on a wellness journey with holistic treatments focusing on physical, emotional, and mental health.

Velaa Private Island Maldives
Photo credit: Velaa Private Island Maldives

“At the heart of this approach is the wellbeing of a person, and not just a singular problem or component of their life,” a resort representative tells Travel Noire. “We provide personalized guidance – meeting the person where they are in their journey at present and inspiring where they need to be.”

Velaa Private Island is the only resort in the Maldives and one of only a few in the world with a two-spa concept. 

Luxury Treatments With A Personalized Touch

Eveylaa translates to “ancient” in the local language. The name is fitting for its spa services, which honor the healing rituals of Ayurveda and Eastern medicine stretching back thousands of years.

Guests will have many wellness treatments to choose from. One highlight on the menu is the classic Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara. This is the practice of slowly dripping medicated oil on the forehead to help induce a state of awareness while creating soothing effects.

Other treatments include a European-style steam room, a floating pod, and osteopathic therapies designed to improve mobility, relieve muscle tension, and reduce pain.

Eveylaa Wellbeing Spa at Velaa Private Island Maldives
Photo credit: Velaa Private Island Maldives

World-class doctors, osteopaths, and therapists, including Dr. Peeyush, will be in residence on-site. Dr. Peeyush is an Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala, India, known for its Ayurveda practice.

“[The] wellbeing diagnostics [are] invasive and noninvasive tests to create effective and personalized wellness programs,” he says. “Invasive blood tests [are to] assess liver function, kidney function, food sensitivity, food allergy, and blood routine.”

Dr. Peeyush adds, “Noninvasive tests [are the] wellness screening and InBody analysis. The purpose of the test is to identify opportunities to improve your well-being, not to diagnose.”

Dr. Sergey specializes in Osteopathy and will work alongside Dr. Peeyush. Sergey has decades of experience and has undertaken more than 400,000 procedures, according to the wellness staff.

Wellness Through Food & Exercise

Velaa’s Wellbeing Village is home to a new open-air yoga pavilion, an air-conditioned pilates studio with sound therapies, and a pilates reformer.

For nutrition, the wellbeing village has a restaurant, Faiy. Sitting as a green oasis in the tropical garden of the island, the restaurant focuses on nutritious meals made from natural and unprocessed ingredients.

Faiy, which means ‘leaf’ in local Dhivehi, is a tropical oasis in the island’s heart. The menu features light and wholesome options to support health and well-being. For example, the “Fresh” menu is full of raw and plant-based dishes infused with Asian flavors. The “Spa” menu features low-carbohydrate, vegan, and gluten-free options and takes inspiration from Mediterranean-style gastronomy.