Travel Like Russ and CiCi: 6 Places They Visited on Their Recent Italian Getaway
Photo Credit: Luca Zanon/Awakening/GC Images

Photo Credit: Luca Zanon/Awakening/GC Images

Travel Like Russ and CiCi: 6 Places They Visited on Their Recent Italian Getaway

Brittni Williams
Brittni Williams Jul 6, 2022

Want to see Italy like your favorite couple?

Celebrity couple Russell Wilson and Ciara are constantly proving to us why they’re couple goals. Their relationship has been nothing short of a fairytale, from the story of how they met to the adorable family they created. And fortunately for their fans, they’ve been documenting their love story online since it started.

Both Russell and Ciara like to post about their travel adventures together. For example, they recently visited St. Barts in the Caribbean following Wilson’s NFL trade to the Denver Broncos. But their anniversary trip to Italy was definitely one for the books.

Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Trip to Venice, Italy

In 2021, the couple traveled to Venice, Italy to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. They took a number of pictures of their adventure and posted many of them on social media for fans to celebrate with them. The result was a collection of photographs that featured the duo posing with famous landmarks, good food, and of course, in stunning outfits.

What To See and Do in Venice, Italy

What better place for the couple to commemorate their love than in the “city of love” itself? Venice is a city known for its crystalline waters, gondola rides, and cozy restaurants, making it the perfect place for romance.

There are plenty of historical buildings and landmarks to explore as well. St. Mark’s Basilica is arguably the most famous church in the world. And the Teatro La Fenice is a popular opera house with a centuries old history.

For food, GLAM is a popular Michelin star restaurant that serves contemporary Italian cuisines, while La Zucca is a great dining option for vegan and vegetarians.

How To Travel like the Wilsons

The Wilsons definitely know how to experience Venice in style. And if you’re planning a trip to Venice and want to experience the ancient city like one of Hollywood’s most famous IT couples, you can too. Here are six places that Russ and Cici visited during their anniversary trip to Italy:

1. Arrive at Venice Marco Polo Airport

Ciara and Russell Wilson arrived in Italy at the Venice Marco Polo Airport. The Venice Marco Polo Airport is the leading international airport in Venice and the fourth most popular in all of Italy. It houses a number of eateries, souvenir shops, and even a chapel.

The airport provides many forms of public transportation for tourists to get around the city, including by bus, taxi, or train ride. You can even take a water boat from the airport to your destination. Tourists can board the boats from the airport dock before jetting along the waters to one of three Venetian islands.

2. Tour the Venice Canals

Venice Canals
Ricardo Gomez Angel/UnSplash

The Grand Canal in Venice is a popular destination for tourists and locals. One of 150 different canals in the city, the Grand Canal is the most frequented, and for good reason.

The Grand Canal winds through the city, highlighting its many old, beautiful buildings and landmarks. Ca’ Foscari is one popular tourist attraction that lines the canal. The castle is where King Henry III of France once lived in 1574. And you might see a stone fish at the fish market or Pescheria that overlooks the waters.

You can see the canal from The Doge’s Palace or the Basilica of St. Mary. Or you can take a gondola ride through the famous channel as a gondolier serenades you and your party.

3. Dine at Harry's Bar

Founded in 1931, Harry’s Bar in Venice is known for its history just as much as its good food. It was once a popular dining establishment that the rich and famous would frequent. The restaurant and bar boast an impressive list of celebrity diners, including Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, and Joe di Maggio. Not much has changed since then, with celebrities like Ciara and Russell Wilson making it a point to visit the hotspot during their vacation.

The eatery serves a wide selection of Italian dishes, from risotto primavera to baked tagliolini with ham. Their traditional Venetian dishes are delicious, too. Their calf’s liver à la Veneziana is a customer favorite you don’t want to miss out on.

4. Stay at Aman Venice


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The Aman Venice is a fabulous hotel and resort located in Palazzo Papadopoli, a popular palazzo on the Grand Canal. Russ and CiCi posted several pictures of themselves at the hotel, sitting in its lush, green courtyard for lunch.

The waterfront property is a great place to stay during a trip to Italy. It provides an upscale living space, complete with silk wall furnishings, painted ceilings, and crystal chandeliers.

It also features a number of recreational activities for tourists, including gondola rowing lessons and dinner cruises. And nature lovers will love its garden filled with blankets of pink roses and sculpted hedges, a truly enchanting experience.

5. Take a Water Taxi

Venice Water Taxi

Russ and CiCi traveled through the city by water taxi, a popular form of public transportation in Venice. And these aren’t your typical gondola ride. Instead, some water taxis come complete with leather upholstered cabins and a private chauffeur. They’re a fast and reliable way to explore the city in true Venice fashion.

You can take a private, guided tour of Venice by water taxi. Several companies provide boat tours to tourists who want to experience the city and its many landmarks like the Rialto Bridge or the Murano and Burano islands.

Or if you just need a ride from the airport to your hotel, water taxis are good for that, too.

6. Sit on Atilla's Throne

Venice Attila's Throne
Willian B/UnSplash

Atilla’s Throne on the small island of Torcello is a historical landmark worth seeing. It’s also the site where Ciara posed for a few pictures during her surprise getaway with her husband.

While the throne gets its name from the famed King of the Huns, it’s not actually where he sat. In fact, the ancient stone chair was created more than a century after his passing. Still, the throne is an incredible mark of history that dates back over 1,500 years.

Just behind the throne is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Tourists can peruse the historic building to find some of the earliest mosaics in Venetian history.

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