The distance between Miami and Houston is about the same distance between Kyiv, Ukraine and Berlin, Germany, a popular summertime tourist destination. It’s a drivable distance. So, it is safe for U.S. tourists to travel to Europe now? Or, has the invasion of Ukraine by Russia made the decision to travel to Europe an iffy one?

You’ve been waiting for the rates of COVID-19 to decrease before planning a trip abroad. Two years has gone by since you first decided you want to travel to Europe. You hear about the Fox reporters who were killed in Ukraine after you’ve just started looking into tickets for the summer. You begin to think, how safe will it be in Europe in a few months? Or, even today?

Rethinking your plans to travel to Europe this year might not be necessary. The European government does not currently have any restrictions up for tourism.

There is no indication that travel to Europe would be dangerous at this time. The usual destinations for travel to Europe; France, Germany and the UK, are not currently in danger of being invaded. Yet, travel plans to these areas have stalled tremendously. “Although these countries are rather away from the conflict zone, the psychological impact cannot be ruled out.” James Ferrara told Forbes.

However, people are still cancelling and diverting their travel to countries outside of Europe. Why?

Mabel Amber, Pixabay

The short answer; it’s all in their heads. It is mentally difficult for them to wrap their minds around war, even if it isn’t happening in the country they intend to visit. “War and nuclear geopolitical tension are destabilizing for all international travel” Ferrara added.

After the recent announcement that Biden is going to Europe for talks with Ukraine, travel there is safer than our minds allow us to believe. Of course, it’s wise to keep monitoring the situation in Ukraine and use your best judgment when it comes to travel to Europe.

And one last thing to remember… While we are planning and worrying about our summer travel plans, let us really think about the people of Ukraine who are worrying about their safety and planning their escape. Please consider donating to a cause to aid the people of Ukraine in surviving this invasion.