6 Fun Items You Won’t Want to Forget on Your Next Girls’ Trip
Photo Credit: Vitória Santos/Pexels.com

Photo Credit: Vitória Santos/Pexels.com

6 Fun Items You Won’t Want to Forget on Your Next Girls’ Trip

Katana Dumont
Katana Dumont Dec 20, 2022

Make your next girls’ trip extra memorable by packing these items.

Traveling with friends is probably one of the best ways to explore a new place. While solo travel is empowering and baecations are romantic, traveling with your crew is pure fun and enjoyment. And for the ladies, it can be especially exciting to take an epic vacation with just the girls

A girls’ trip is all about making unforgettable memories with your closest gal pals. And who doesn’t want to just get away from it all with all your besties?

Whether you and your friends are planning for an over-the-top luxury getaway or a low-key weekend outing, what you bring with you matters. There are plenty of travel essential items that any vacationer should have in their luggage but a girl’s trip is all about fun, so don’t forget to pack some merrymaking items as well.  

With just a few smart purchases, your next girls’ trip can be one for the books.

Here are six fun essentials to bring with you on a girls’ trip.


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1. A Polaroid Camera

Your girls’ trip will be full of moments you’ll want to capture and keep forever. And while you can take high-res photos on your phone, a polaroid camera adds a level of nostalgic flair to your travel photos. When you get back home you can turn your polaroids into decorative collages, add them to scrapbooks, and more.

2. Portable Speakers

Music makes everything better. Bringing portable speakers with you on your girls’ trip will keep things lively when you’re lounging on a beach or enjoying a picnic at a park. They’re also great while you’re getting ready at your hotel or Airbnb for a ladies night out. 

3. Skincare Masks

Traveling can take a toll on your skin so it’s important to maintain your skincare routine even while on the move. Sheet masks, charcoal masks, and clay masks are all fun ways to pamper yourself and your crew while traveling. Grab a packet of skincare masks for a relaxing girls’ trip.

4. Playing Cards

What’s great about playing cards is that they are cheap and compact. Easily toss them in your luggage and whip them out during downtime on your trip. You can also turn any card game into a fun drinking game. 

5. Wine Tumblers

Even while on the move you can still enjoy a glass of wine with your girls. Travel-friendly wine tumblers are non-breakable and lightweight, making them easy to toss in your luggage. They are insulated to keep your chill drinks cold and your warm drinks hot. Use them for wine, coffee, and more.

6. Electrolyte Powder

While not the most entertaining item on the list, on-the-go electrolyte powder is an indispensable travel item that helps keep the good times rolling. When traveling begins to take a toll on your body and wellness, these packets can be added to liquid for a boost of hydration and energy. They are also great for preventing hangovers.

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