There’s nothing like getting your girls (or guys) together for an epic group trip. The endless laughs, memories, and lowkey therapy sessions really make the experience like none other.

We came across these stunning photos from girls trips on social media, and they instantly brought a smile. We’re now sharing them in hopes that it will do the same for you, while also inspiring you to plan your next friends adventure.

From the matching bathing suites to flawless skin, this group of friends is showing us that large group trips are possible.

Influencer and choreographer Joie Chavis, and her girls, really gave us FOMO. From their fun choreographed dance routine to this gorgeous sunset shot, we’re ready to call our friends, NOW.

Even with their backs turned, the backdrop has us ready to purchase cute matching ski outfits, and head to the nearest ski resort.

These friends killed it! The retro vibes plus the Cabo arch, just wow.

This shot is gorgeous. When you and your girls can get on the same page for “the shot” it really brings out the magic.

This friendship trio proves that you don’t have to travel international to make amazing memories.

We love it when the whole group packs their flyest ‘fit within the color parameters. These friends ALL got the memo.

This is proof that there is power in numbers. These ladies are bringing all the vibes in pastel, while walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

Joy is an unmatched type of beauty and our closest friends always bring that out. Be right back, going to call my best friend.