8 Over-The-Top Luxury Villas In Mexico For A Girls' Trip
Photo Credit: Jackie Parker

Photo Credit: Jackie Parker

8 Over-The-Top Luxury Villas In Mexico For A Girls' Trip

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jul 1, 2021

As far are you’re concerned, 2020 didn’t count. Nope. You’re wiping it from memory. You want a do-over. A fresh start. And you’ve decided it’s time for a girl’s trip, and the best place to facilitate that is in Mexico, namely Los Cabos, Punta Mita, or Puerto Vallarta. You’re craving sunshine, delicious food, and warm, friendly people. And who better to join you on this getaway than a group of your favorite women? It can’t get much better!

Here are 8 villas to consider for a fabulous girls’ trip.

1. Casa Brisa

Photo by Punta de Mita Vacation Rentals


Casa Brisa with seven bedrooms in Punta Mita is where you’ll be staying with about thirteen of your best girlfriends.

The only time you’ll be on social media is to tell your followers where you are, and probably make them jealous.  Aside from that, and the occasional photo, your phone will be out of sight, so you can be present in the moment.

Laugh and frolic on the beach right outside the villa from morning to evening. If you have the energy, feel free to whip up a little something in the kitchen, or better yet, let your chef see to it.

That’s the beauty of staying in a villa of this caliber. You can do for yourself, or be pampered by a fantastic staff consisting of a chef, maid, butler, driver, and house manager.

In addition to all that the villa provides, enjoy access to the Kupuri Residents-Only Beach Club.


2. Casa Pacifica


Photo by Punta de Mita Rentals


You and nine ladies host a reunion over thirty years after your college graduation. The “boys,” otherwise known as your husbands, are left to their own devices at home.

Casa Pacifica in Punta Mita is the perfect base for your gathering, with its open spaces, sexy furnishings, and five, comfortable bedrooms.  Just days ago, a honking horn jarred you from sleep.  But this morning, the sound of waves breaking on the shore was the perfect start to your day.

As you lounge on the stretch of grass facing the beach, the fire-pit is ablaze. You reminisce on how different the world was decades ago, and can barely move because you’ve gorged yourself on the feast the chef prepared.

When sunset gives way to night, you gather in the living area with the cocktails your bartender made for the occasion. The 80s music on the sound system brings you back to the days of big hair and leg warmers. It’s almost like the parties you used to have in your dorm, but more dignified.

Amenities include a swimming pool, maid service,  chef, and entry to the Punta Mita Beach Club, where you can play golf, tennis, and more.




3. Villa Saudade

Photo by Punta de Mita Vacation Rentals


You and your sister have been postponing your trip together for years, because life happens.

Now your plans are set in stone, and here you are at Villa Saudade in Punta Mita.

There’s enough square footage for both of you to have your own space when you need it, but the villa isn’t so palatial that you feel swallowed whole. There are three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and the beach is just a two-minute walk.

You aren’t a fan of golf, but your sister is. While she plays a few rounds nearby, you meditate by the pool, with birdsong as your soundtrack.







4. Isla Marieta Apartment

Photo by Punta De Mita Vacation Rentals


Your boss has been grating your nerves, but thank goodness you’ve got two weeks of vacation to unwind. But what exactly are you going to do?

Your two best friends have the perfect solution, and surprise you with an all expense paid trip to Punta Mita. You’ll be staying at the Isla Marieta Apartment, part of a luxury condominium.

There’s 3,600 feet of elegant, air-conditioned spaces, including open- plan living, dining, and kitchen areas, a breakfast bar, three bedrooms, and three full bathrooms. The sea and sky meld seamlessly beyond the golf course.

Are a maid and cook included? Yes. Swimming pool? Check.  A Tequila (neat, of course) with salt and lime? Yes, ma’am! But drink responsibly.

No need to rent a car to get into town; the golf cart included in the rental will get you there in ten minutes.

Lastly, you’re granted access to the fabulous Punta Mita Beach club, where you can workout or get a spa treatment.  Note that additional fees may apply.






5. Villa Bahia


Photo by Trip Wix


Just below Villa Bahia in Puerto Vallarta, the access to the sea is rocky. But you love to paint landscapes, so it’s the perfect reference.  If you’re lucky, you might spot a whale!

Find creative inspiration in the statues, fountains, and clever accents of this home. The transition from indoors to outdoors is fluid, and four of the five bedrooms have private patios.

The in-house chef and maid will pamper you and your guests, ensuring that you’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget.

Do you have an adventurous streak? Say less.  Y our local contact can arrange for zip-lining, horseback riding, parasailing and more.



6. Villa Harmony


Photo by Trip Wix


You’re about to get married, and Puerta Vallarta is the place to celebrate your last few months as a single woman.

Your friends whisk you away to Villa Harmony, a special property constructed in the side of a cliff, and surrounded by jungle vegetation. There are four floors with a quirky, but elegant quality, six bedrooms, and nine bathrooms.

From the terraces, you can see the Boca de Tomatlán estuary as you sip your morning tea (or something stronger, after all, it’s five o’clock somewhere). Enjoy access to not one, but two private swimming pools, one deep enough for diving.

If you’re ready to explore what lies beyond your villa, a driver can take you to downtown Puerto Vallarta, where you can shop to your heart’s con tent.



7. Casa Yvonne

Photo by Punta de Mita Vacation Rentals


Los Cabos has a reputation as a spring break destination, but its allure goes beyond that.

Casa Yvonne is on a hill, and has modern, well-equipped interiors, and you might want to host your corporate retreat here. Take in views of the Sea of Cortez, and be happy to not be sitting in a stuffy office cubicle. What better way to boost employee morale?

There are six bedrooms for twelve people and six bathrooms. When work is done, play golf or go to the Puerto Los Cabos Fundadores Beach Club for Aqua Zumba or Yoga.

When your boss has gone to sleep, you and your co-workers can gossip around the sleek bar, which can be pre-stocked on request.




8. Paraiso Perduto

Photo by Punta de Mita Vacation Rentals


Los Cabos, not unlike Cancún and Acapulco, is LGBT + friendly, so if your buddies within the community are looking for a high- end property, Paraiso Perduto may be of interest.

There isn’t an inch of this villa that doesn’t impress, from the infinity-edge pool to the verdant grounds. The only time you’ll want to leave is to walk to the beach.

All five bedrooms have either king or queen beds, as well as en-suite bathrooms.

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