Rapper Gillie Da Kid was harassed by a U.S. Marshal at Dallas Fort Worth airport last Tuesday, saying that the artist was boarding with marijuana in his bag. As TMZ reported, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcaster was boarding with his co-host Wallo when a Federal agent claimed that he smelled marijuana at the airport.

In a video shared on Instagram, the rapper argues with the officer as people watch the whole situation.

Then, Gillie opened his bag and they debated over the search protocol on the plane. The officer was in disbelief that Gillie would search his own bag — and Gillie was left stunned he was singled out over everyone on the plane.

During the tense standoff, Gillie told the officer he was probably “the richest” person on board the aircraft. The Marshal replied, saying that cannabis is illegal in Texas.

“Plane full of white folks leaving Dallas and the only black man is ask does he have illegal narcotics in his bag,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “U pick the wrong ni$$a today buddy @americanair.”

The Marshal eventually backed off after realizing Gillie was backing down, but not before getting in one last angry shout.

Travel Noire reached out to the rapper to learn more about the incident.

Marijuana in Texas

In Texas, the penalty for possession of marijuana can be high. A couple of grams of marijuana possession can cost 180 days in jail. This Tuesday Texas voters in five cities- Denton, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin and Harker Heights – to decriminalize low-level possession.

In August, TSA authorities arrested the former NBA Player Iman Shumpert for cannabis possession at Dallas Airport. Iman Shumpert was trying to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles, the agents found the 32-year-old to be in possession of cannabis and placed him under arrest, police told E! News.

Transportation Security Administration officials at the airport discovered a plastic bag filled with a “green leafy substance” in Shumpert’s possession. He reportedly admitted that it was weed.

Police officers stated that the substance tested positive for marijuana and weighed 6.12 ounces.