When you’re boarding a plane, would it ever cross your mind to ask a fellow passenger whether they had drugs on their person? Hopefully, the answer is no. Most just want to get to their destination safely and peacefully.

But one woman on board a Spirit Airlines flight thought it would be dandy to make a scene on Thanksgiving Day. It allegedly started with her asking passengers of color if they were smuggling cocaine. It ended with her being removed from the aircraft by authorities, kicking and hurling obscenities. It was almost like somebody had wronged her.

According to Business Insider, Shannon Epstein, “was arrested by authorities on a handful of charges, including six counts of battery.”

She’s the 25-year-old niece of Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey.

The plane was to fly out of Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and arrive in New Jersey.

What Happened?

The plane was on its way to New Jersey from New Orleans on Thanksgiving.

Reportedly, Epstein took it upon herself to ask a family she thought was of Latino descent, if they were smuggling cocaine.

Business Insider reported, “after employees requested she be removed from the flight, Epstein resisted and began struggling with deputies.”

It Didn't Stop There

Even when authorities stepped in, Epstein got violent.

Business Insider explained that “six deputies were injured, including one who was bit by Epstein. Another deputy was kicked in the groin.”

NOLA reported that Epstein also spat on authorities and “became increasingly irate.”

The plane was already taxiing to the runway, only to turn right back around.

Epstein Taunted Authorities

She had to be strapped to a wheelchair with handcuffs, which supposedly required the manpower of seven deputies.

She tried to intimidate them by tapping into her political connections.

As explained by Business Insider, “she reportedly taunted law enforcement by telling them they would get in trouble for arresting her as a result of Christie’s connections to former President Donald Trump.”

She Made Bail

After making bail ($10,750), Epstein “was released from Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.”

Her court date is set for January 23.

Business Insider reported, “the case will most likely end up under the jurisdiction of a federal court, due to federal laws that pertain to passenger disruptions on planes.”

Several Charges Were Leveled Against Epstein

NOLA wrote, “Epstein was booked with six counts of battery on a police officer, three of disturbing the peace, one of resisting arrest by force and one of remaining after forbidden.”