If the last few weeks of Ghana’s Year of Return campaign taught us anything, it’s that people in Accra can party and the nightlife has an energy unlike anywhere else in the world.

If you find yourself having serious #FOMO after watching your friend’s takeover Accra on social media, don’t worry, you can experience all the fun too.

Here are the best Black-owned night clubs to experience in Accra.

Twist Lounge and Bar

It’s tough to get into Twist Lounge and Bar but once you’re inside you’ll realize why. Located in heart of Labone, Twist Lounge and Bar is one of Accra’s best clubs.

Twist is one of those places that locals and tourists both enjoy with its big dance floor, unique cage seating and award-winning drink menu.


BloomBar is easy to miss as it sits between what looks like a concrete wall. Once you walk on the gravel to get inside, BloomBar is a stunning lounge that offers good music, drinks, and food.

Get there early if you want a table for free and be sure to note that “table service” looks a little different at BloomBar. If you want VIP, you have to reserve a cabana.

Ace Tantra

If you’re looking for a place where you can dance to both Afrobeats and Hip Hop, Ace Tantra is the club for you. During your time in Accra, it’s a place that everyone should experience just once.

Photo via : Ace Tantra


Kona is one of the best lounges in the Osu area of Accra because it has great seating options, unlike the other spots that require a VIP reservation for good seating.

In addition, the music is great and so is the food.