On a flight from Athens to Amsterdam, a passenger is seen on camera draping her blond hair over her seat. The passenger behind her caught the footage of the hair. She then posted to her TikTok account and millions of people watched this lady’s hair sit over the passenger’s coffee. 

What exactly happened?

The passenger documenting the woman with the hair in front of her just so happens to be a food and traveler blogger, by the name of Julie Christensen. She then asked her followers if there was a travel etiquette misunderstanding.

Has this happened before?

“I was like, ‘Is this normal?’” said Christensen, when she asked her followers about the lady’s hair draped in front of her. At some point the passenger’s hair lightly touched the top of her coffee cup.

The viral outrage:

“She had beautiful, newly washed hair and I would never throw my newly washed hair around in an airplane,” said Christensen. “I think it’s very weird.”

However the Norweigen influencer documented the passenger’s hair on the plane and posted it on TikTok. Fans of her social media also ask Christensen if she should get her back. Some suggested dipping the passenger’s hair into the coffee mug. The video went viral, hitting at least 3.2 million views as of publication time.

Plane etiquette?

“People get fired up because it’s a very rude thing to do,” she said. “Maybe other people would’ve reacted differently or even aggressively to this, but, for me — I’m used to it.”

“I just found it really cute and funny.”

Christensen stressed that it’s important to always “be nice” to others, especially in situations like this one — and etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore agreed with that.

Jacqueline Whitmore is the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. She told Fox News Digital that the polite way to handle confrontational incidences is to be as highly transparent as possible. Whitmore also expressed to Fox News Digital that it’s better to calm or diffuse a situation then to let it peak before your eyes.

“Anything can be handled if you say it kindly,” says Whitmore.