5 Destinations For Romantic Getaways Which Won't Break The Bank
Photo Credit: Photo by Adryan Ra

Photo Credit: Photo by Adryan Ra

5 Destinations For Romantic Getaways Which Won't Break The Bank

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Aug 3, 2022

You and your partner want to go on a romantic getaway, but you can only stretch so far. Major cities like New York, San Francisco and Atlanta are very expensive to live in, as locals will tell you. But for a visit, there’s quite a lot to do that is reasonably priced or free. You can’t go wrong with public parks like Central Park, Golden Gate Park and Piedmont Park, all of which are ideal for a long stroll with ice coffee in hand.

But plenty of Black folks realize that the US just ain’t it for us. So if you’re looking for an escape, here are five destinations to take your certain special someone.

1. Mexico


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Whenever lists like this are made, Mexico is usually included.

If you play your cards right, you can book a reasonably priced flight or drive if you want to go the scenic route.

Travel + Leisure mentions Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun as cheap to fly to, especially in January, the least expensive month. Beach vibes? You’ll find them all over in those areas.

And if you want to avoid the resort crowds, AirBnB has tons of nice choices at many price points.

Check out this stylish two bedroom house in Puerto Escondido or this adorable property in San Blas overlooking the sea.

2. Jamaica

While other islands only offer maid service, many of Jamaica’s villas come with a maid, house manager and a cook. This comes in handy when you aren’t trying to do anything on vacation, except love up on your boo.

There’s a plethora of cheap and inexpensive activities. First and foremost, there’s the beach, and you can never go wrong with that. And for those which have an entrance fee, it’s never very much.

Dunn’s River Falls and Park allows you to climb the falls or zip-line over them. Take a tour of Bob Marley’s house. Check out Emancipation Park, just a 30 minute drive from Norman Manley airport.

Jamaica also gives you the chance to eat some fresh, delicious food without paying a ton. There are many restaurants and roadside eateries offering all the hits from jerk chicken to bammy.

3. Dominican Republic

Travel + Leisure suggests Punta Cana, which is more resort-oriented and Santo Domingo, the capital. They are also the least expensive to fly into.

According to Living Punta Cana, “there are 8 main beaches,” several which are ranked highly as far as Caribbean beaches go.

Playa Blanca is a stunner with soft sand and gentle, blue waters. It’s definitely a great spot for a nice, long walk hand in hand with your partner.

If you’re into horseback riding, there are some high rated stables. Choose between riding on the beach or through the mountains with a licensed guide. For a romantic twist, try riding at sunset.


4. Bali, Indonesia


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The flight to get to Indonesia might not be so cheap. But once you’re there, your buck can stretch a long way.

Make a reservation for a candlelight dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking Jimbaran Beach.

One such restaurant is Menega Cafe. Chow down on delicious BBQ seafood and pair it with a variety of wines or cocktails.

Take in some nature by dolphin watching or visiting Git Git, a gorgeous waterfall in northern Bali.

Take the ferry to Nusa Penida Island, where you’ll find Angel’s Billabong. There are guest houses and hotels nearby which start at around $25 USD per night.

This natural rock lagoon is free to visit. You can swim in its emerald waters safely during low tide. But even then, be careful. The Indian Ocean has crashed into the lagoon and dragged people out in the past.

5. Colombia


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Black people, whether visiting Colombia or going there to live, have mostly positive experiences. Travel groups like Live Be Do, often organize trips there.

Save money by cooking at “home” when you can. You also can’t go wrong with Colombian street food. You’ll find arepas everywhere and they are known to be filling.

Empanadas and patacones are tasty, and for something really different try salchipapa, a portmanteau of papa (potato) and salchicha (sausage).

As for actual places, check out Cartagena, a city filled with history, restaurants and shops. In Cali, there are a number of salsa dancing clubs, if that’s your bag.

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