2023 Travel Noire Awards: Favorite Influencer -  Family/Couples
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Rennie Solis

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Rennie Solis

2023 Travel Noire Awards: Favorite Influencer - Family/Couples

Travel Noire Awards
Nurah Rossini
Nurah Rossini Jul 21, 2023

What if we told you that being married doesn’t relegate you to one or two trips per year with your spouse or that having children doesn’t mean you have to wait until summer vacation to travel? The nominees for Favorite Influencer: Family/Couple show us that traveling with your family full-time is possible and you can have a lot of fun doing it. They show us that Black children can and should see the world at an early age. Let’s take a look at our top three finalists.

Kay – @themomtrotter

Favorite Influencer Family

Photo credit: @themomtrotter

Kay and her family are self-described digital nomads. Known as The Mom Trotter on social media, Kay and family have over 300,000 followers on Instagram. The family of three travel the world together, visiting international countries. They have been to like Kenya, France and Colombia, all captured by vibrant photos of their trips.

They also travel by RV, driving across the United States, exploring the beauty and vastness of America. We admire that Kay and her family are not held down by traditional work or school schedules. Their son is homeschooled and Kay gives tips on her blog about how to “unschool” your kids. She is also an advocate of gentle parenting, which is an evidence-based approach to raising happy, healthy children. The Mom Trotter demonstrates that Black families with children can play by their own rules and have a ton of fun doing it. Follow @themomtrotter to see the family in action.

The Hambrick Family – @thetravelingchild 

Favorite Influencer Family

Photo credit: @thetravelingchild

The Hambrick Family, known as The Traveling Child on social media is doing the most, in all of the best ways possible. With over 270,000 followers on Instagram, the family’s motto is “If kids live there, kids can visit.” The family of four travels worldwide together.

Imagine eight days in Peru, six days in Paris and 17 days in Egypt all with your kiddos along for the ride. The Hambrick Family also provides detailed travel trips for followers along with many of their posts. They explain the best times to book travel, how to book on a budget and provide details on how much they spent on hotels and airfare.

Seeing a happy Black family exploring new places is what ranks highest for us. Follow The Hambrick family @thetravelingchild for more tips and inspiration.

LaNaiza Kelly and Mahdi Gaines – @loveatfirstflight 

Favorite Influencer Couple

Photo credit: @loveatfirstflight_

LaNaiza Kelly and Mahdi Gaines give us serious “couple goals.” The growing family combines travel and romance in a way that inspires Travel Noire readers. Over 127,000 Instagram followers see their blossoming love documented on their page, as they jetset to beautiful destinations across the globe.

According to their website, Kelly and Gaines met in corporate America while working for a travel company. They then began dating and traveling the world together. Several years later, they quit their jobs and became a full-time traveling couple. Looking at their blog and timeline is almost like watching a movie. Moody and romantic images take us to destinations like Italy, Bali and Mexico City. We’re inspired by this power couple and we’re here for the Black Love. Follow LaNaiza Kelly and Mahdi Gaines @loveatfirstflight, as they add a plus one to their travels.

Which family or couple will take the award for Favorite Influencer? Be a part of the decision and vote today.

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