If you’re interested in astrology or want a new approach to picking a vacation destination, planning your trip around your zodiac sign can make it feel like a personal journey. To help you choose the ideal Airbnb based on the stars, this list offers each sign an astrology-centered property most compatible with them. No matter what your sign is—inquisitive Gemini yearning for a mysterious world or majestic Leo hungry for regal indulgence—these six unique properties are just what you need. 

Our Top 6 Astrology Airbnb Picks

Aries & Libra – The Icelandic Adventure

The Icelandic Adventure Zodiac Airbnb stay
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Aries, known as the Zodiac’s adventurous spirits, will feel at home in this cabin near Reykjavik, Iceland. Exploring ice caves and hiking across the highlands are easily accessible from this location, making it a paradise for thrill seekers. The capital is also a great starting point for numerous tours, thanks to the cabin’s central location. Balancing Aries’ fiery energy, Libras seek harmony and beauty. The same Icelandic apartment provides an aesthetically pleasing environment for them. With views over the natural landscapes, it caters to Libra’s love for stunning, serene settings. This locale allows Libras to indulge in the cultural richness of Reykjavik, balancing adventure with relaxing city life. 

Taurus & Scorpio – The Luxurious Countryside Retreat

Villa in Spain
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Taurus individuals revel in luxury and comfort. A sprawling villa in the Spanish countryside, with its private pool and wondrous views, offers the perfect retreat for this earth sign. Here, Taureans can indulge in the finer things in life, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Scorpios, with their depth and intensity, will appreciate the privacy and exclusivity of the same countryside villa. Its secluded location allows Scorpios to go deep into their thoughts. They can also engage in intimate conversations with loved ones while enveloping them in luxury. 

Gemini & Sagittarius – The Urban Explorer’s Dream

Tokyo Zodiac Airbnb
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A stylish apartment in the middle of an urban center like Tokyo is perfect for Geminis because of their need for constant change and new experiences. From here, you can easily discover all the city has to offer in terms of culture, nightlife, food, and more. There will always be something new to find in this area for Geminis. The exciting vibes of Tokyo will also appeal to Sagittarians because of their restless nature and passion for discovering new places. They can find the beauty of other cultures and ideologies in the same flat. These experiences fill their never-ending thirst for knowledge and personal development. 

Cancer & Pisces – The Secluded Hobbit House

Hobbit vacation stay
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Cancers find satisfaction in a nurturing environment that provides comfort. The ideal rural retreat for this sign of the water element is a hobbit house in Ireland, situated in an orchard with three yurts. It’s a sanctuary where Cancers can relax and unwind in the company of nature. The same hobbit dwelling can also captivate Pisces, who have a soft spot for the fantastical and fanciful. Pisces, known for its sensitive nature, finds solace in its unusual and imaginative atmosphere. This environment encourages them to dream and provides an escape from the mundane.  

Leo & Virgo – The Beachfront Oasis

Maldives airbnb
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Leos relish the limelight and splurge on life’s finer things. This entire water bungalow in a 5-star private island resort is perfect for the lion looking for a bit of extravagance and drama, thanks to its direct beach access and views. Here, they can bask in the sun and enjoy the attention they deserve. While more reserved, Virgos appreciate cleanliness, order, and natural beauty. This same property provides Virgos with an idyllic environment to unwind, recharge, and savor a little luxury in an immaculate setting.

Capricorn & Aquarius – The Modernist Mountain Retreat

modernist retreat
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Capricorns are all about ambition and tradition. A modernist mountain retreat that mixes contemporary design with rustic elements speaks to their appreciation for craftsmanship and quality. Here, they can unwind in style after exploring the great outdoors. Aquarians, who are always forward-thinking, will appreciate the retreat’s distinctive aesthetic. Its unusual architectural characteristics and commitment to sustainability align with its forward-thinking approach, creating a dynamic environment for this air sign.

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