If you didn’t know, 2019 marks 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were taken from Ghana. Throughout the course of the year, there have been several programs, activities, and special ceremonies held to commemorate the event.

Many of the events have been held in Ghana and travelers from the Diaspora have made it their priority to head to the country during this time.

More than 200,000 travelers arrived in Ghana in 2019, and because of this Ghana has now been established as a preferred destination for people of the African Diaspora.

This large influx of tourists allowed the country to see a boost of $1.9 billion into its economy, according to the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi.

In addition to the monetary boost, the President of Ghana granted citizenship to more than 200 people of the African diaspora and land was offered to others as a way to encourage them to make the country their new home.

“There has been tremendous community involvement which has stimulated the local economy including hoteliering, tour operating and other related businesses,” she said.

This monumental occasion has also helped to improve relations between Ghana and those from the Diaspora. There has been more positive international media coverage centered around the country, which also led to a few high profile visits.

The country’s tourism authority has plans to continue to implement more programming and to develop more historical sites to keep the momentum going.

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