Akon Is Encouraging African Americans To Buy Property In Ghana During Year Of Return
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Akon Is Encouraging African Americans To Buy Property In Ghana During Year Of Return

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 6, 2019

Akon says now is the time to invest in Africa. 

The Grammy-nominated artist, who recently made headlines for his ambitious goal of creating his city in the West African country Senegal, says now is a good time to invest in Ghana and other African countries. His reason? Because of “bountiful returns to be made,” Face2Face Africa is reporting.

In an interview with actor and entertainment host Nick Cannon, Akon revealed that “Akon City” is in its second stages of development and is on schedule to be completed within the next ten years. 

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“It’s all renewable [energy],” he said. “It’s a real physical place. It’s going to have a real airport.”

As Akon works to build his own empire and invest in Africa, he is encouraging others to do the same – especially as tens of thousands are expected to visit Ghana for the highly anticipated Year of Return campaign. 

During a discussion about Year of Return, the host of Capital XTRA Mammy Norte revealed that he was Ghanaian descent. Akon responded, “you guys are sleeping”

Akon added, “if you guys are not investing, you literally missing the opportunity,” Akon said in an interview with. “By the time you figure it out, it will be too late.”

The Senegalese-American artist made parallels with the development of New York City before it became the hub it is today. 

“The one family [who] understood the value which is the Rockefellers own the city and all those lands and buildings they invested in is all paying off.”

“Whatever dollar or pound you have, you need to buy land in Ghana or wherever in Africa ASAP,” Akon said. 

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