In an ideal world, women wouldn’t have to be so vigilant when traveling. One traveler, Morgan, can speak to those dangers from experience, and she did just that in a video on TikTok. What should have been a memorable trip to Curaçao, wound up being memorable for some terrible reasons.

The caption alongside the video reads: “here’s the story time of why I left Curaçao within 24hrs of being there. I already resolved things with the hotel, but this was originally a collaboration for me to post a hotel review & promote their resort. It sucks that staff members can truly ruin a company and your vacation. I’m sure this doesn’t happen often at the hotel, but because of my experience I would never go back.”

It continued, “the room was nice but not easily accessible for the disabled. My room seemed to be rushed so there was a poor housekeeping job done. I also felt like the staff didn’t do a good job of explaining the resort. There were probably some cool amenities I could’ve taken advantage of but I didn’t know about any of them. When I checked in it was an all male staff and they didn’t seem to care about my concerns. But when I checked out it was an all female staff and they seemed genuinely worried for me. Wish they were staffed the first day.”

What Happened?

The caption over Morgan’s video appropriately said, “hotel horror story.”

She was traveling to three countries as part of a collaboration and for her birthday.  Curaçao was the second destination.

With humor, Morgan narrated the many mishaps.

Her taxi driver told her the area around her resort wasn’t all that safe. Papagayo Beach Resort had a cold, industrial look which she didn’t expect, and the grounds were poorly lit.

The room was “dirty” and the lock on Morgan’s door was broken. Staff members walked in on her while she was undressed.

Other guests were rude and had no concept of personal space. The restaurant on site had a mosquito infestation.

The list went on and on…

The Man Next To Her Was A Creep

The most unsettling detail involved a man who tried to enter Morgan’s room, and immediately ran away.

She thought maybe he was part of housekeeping, but he wasn’t.

According to Wander Wisdom, “she discovered he was staying directly across from her, and could see into her window.”

This was the last straw. Morgan called her mother and said, “mom, get me the fu*k out of here!” before booking a flight out the next morning.

TikTok Users Weighed In

Morgan was clear that she’d “absolutely” return to Curaçao, under hopefully better circumstances.

Jessica Evangelista said: “glad you’re okay! Curaçao is my fave but airbnbs & villas are best. Ppl say it isn’t safe compared to Aruba, but I think that’s partly based on racism.”

LaTee21B wrote, “this is one of my favorite places to visit. Sorry you had a bad time. The natural beaches are the best, but they’re on the west side of the island.”

“This is a trip from actual HELL,” said Marsz The Dolly. “I am glad you left asap! Be safe.”