What would you do if you arrived to your Airbnb booking and realized it was abandoned? That’s what happened to a woman in Bali, Indonesia. 

Bree, a New Zealand woman recently quit her 9 to 5 job to travel full time. She documents her travels on TikTok and has amassed an audience of over 3.6k. Her video of her Airbnb experience has received over 3 million views just this month. 

@atypical_adventure on TikTok

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Abandoned in Bali

While planning a trip to Bali, Bree booked an Airbnb rental for $80 a night. Once she got to the villa, she realized it was abandoned. 

“I tried to book the villa as a surprise for my boyfriend. The location on the Airbnb was completely wrong and had us go up this side street and then down a shared driveway,” Bree tells Newsweek. 

“We spent at least 10 minutes looking until we googled it and realized we were in a completely wrong spot,” she continues.

After driving another 10 minutes down the road, the couple found the Airbnb, however, there was no one there to check them in. 

“On the listing, it said there would be someone there 24/7. I knocked on the door when I realized the place was obviously abandoned,” says Bree

The viral TikTok

On July 17th Bree took to Tik Tok to share her bizarre experience. In the video, she shows the vacation home and how there was smashed windows and no one there. 

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“We were disappointed to learn about this experience and provided our support to the guest at the time, including a full refund. We hold hosts up to high standards and the listing is no longer on the platform. In the rare event, something isn’t as expected on arrival for a stay, our Community Support team is on hand 24/7 to help,” says an Airbnb spokesperson to Newsweek. 

Bree didn’t expect her video to go viral, saying, “There are 5 million people in New Zealand, which means that over half the population of my country have seen a TikTok I made.”

Airbnb notes that all travelers are covered by AirCover, which includes a check-in guarantee, get-what-you-booked guarantee, booking protection guarantee, and a 24-hour safety line. 

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