What Travel Looks Like For Each Of The Love Languages
Photo Credit: Prostock-studio / Envato Elements

Photo Credit: Prostock-studio / Envato Elements

What Travel Looks Like For Each Of The Love Languages

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 24, 2022

Gary Chapman’s book on sustaining a healthy relationship may just be the gift that keeps on giving after more than two decades of writing about love languages. 

In his book, titled, “The Five Love Languages: How To Express Commitment To Your Mate,” Chapman explains ways that people experience love including acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation.

We know you’ve seen the funny memes about how love languages translate to those of us who travel. And while it’s not officially recognized by Chapman, we think there’s something there as it relates to exploring the world with your partner. 

Besides buying the plane ticket, here’s what travel looks like for every love language. Be sure to tell us your thoughts!

1. Acts Of Service

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To put it simply, acts of service are all about the physical gestures and the idea of “showing your partner” better than you can tell them that they’re appreciated. 

With this love language, you are physically going out of your way for your partner.  This can happen in a few ways such as putting the suitcase away during the trip, booking a reservation at your partner’s favorite restaurant, or an activity your partner previously mentioned in casual conversation. 

Our personal favorite: bringing snacks if you’re taking a long road trip.

2. Physical Touch

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Get your mind out of the gutter – for now. Physical touch isn’t always about sex, but instead the hands-on intimacy and physical affection.

Holding hands, cuddling, and PDA may be the first things that come to mind, but let’s not rule out using the vacation to get closer through an adventure like white water rafting as it takes teamwork, horseback riding, or paddling in a romantic place such as the Amalfi Coast. 

Other things that you can try are a cooking or dance class that will allow you to work together while being hands-on.

3. Quality Time

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If your partner values quality time, it’s all about putting that phone down, shutting down any other distractions, and giving undivided attention. 

How this translates to travel can be harder than you think because we use our phones for everything, including directions or saving our digital tickets.

If you’re planning a trip for someone whose love language is quality time, the key is having a plan in place. Know where you’re going and if you don’t feel like it’s awkward, hire a photographer if you want to capture sweet moments while keeping clear of your devices. 

Quality time on vacation includes luxury picnics, a hot air balloon ride, hiring a private chef, or (safely) heading to the middle of nowhere to camp outside. 

4. Gift Giving

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Gift-giving is pretty self-explanatory. If your partner’s love language is gift-giving, it means tangible items that show appreciation are important.

Because we’re talking about more than buying a plane ticket, think of something you can purchase exclusively in the destination you’re heading to.

For extra points, see if you can get the item engraved or personalized. 

5. Words of Affirmation


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If words of affirmation are your partner’s love language, then verbal acknowledgment and appreciation are needed. 

This could play out a few different ways. If you’re making plans, try to personalize the experience by something your partner said or done previously.

“Remember that awesome dinner you planned a while back? Well, I want to pay it forward and do the same for you.” 

Another way words of affirmation can play out is after the vacation. 

“Wow, thank you for planning the best trip ever. I had so much fun, you are so thoughtful, and  I can’t wait to do it again.”

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