After 2 years-hiatus, AirHelp’s annual AirHelp Score released this year’s ranking of the world’s top airlines. According to the website,  the data come from factual information on each airline’s on-time performance to customers’ opinions based on their own flying experience.

With 8.11 out of a possible ten points, an airline from Qatar is the winner of the AirHelp Score 2022. Qatar Airways wins for the eighth time in a row. The airline scored particularly well in terms of customer satisfaction. The U.S. airline United Airlines follows in second place with 8.07 points.

“We’re in a unique position to factor in how airlines behave when flights don’t go to plan. We aim to rank the most popular and best-known airlines. From a list of 805 airlines globally, we selected the biggest in terms of passenger numbers and popularity with passengers. Some airlines are excluded where we are unable to get data,” AirHelp stated on its website.

Three factors contribute to airport ranking. Here’s a breakdown:

1. On-time Performance 

2. Customer opinion

3. Claim Processing

See the 10 airlines that were ranked the world’s top airlines this year by AirHelp.

10. Austrian Airlines (AUA)

Overall: 7.67 

On-time performance: 8

Customer opinion: 7.9

Claim processing: 7.1

9. Japan Airlines (JAL)

Overall: 7.74

On-time performance: 8.9

Customer opinion: 8.9

Claim processing: 5.3

8. American Airlines (AAL)

Overall: 7.74

On-time performance: 7.7

Customer opinion: 8

Claim processing: 7.5


7. China Airlines (CAL)

Overall: 7.76

On-time performance: 7.8

Customer opinion: 7.9

Claim processing: 7.6

6. Eurowings (EWG)

Overall: 7.92

On-time performance: 7.5

Customer opinion: 7.6

Claim processing: 8.7

5. Latam Airlines (LAN)

Overall: 7.95

On-time performance: 8.6

Customer opinion: 8.1

Claim processing: 7.1

4. Etihad Airways (ETD)

Overall: 7.98

On-time performance: 8.1

Customer opinion: 8.7

Claim processing: 7.2

3. Qantas Airways (QFA)

Overall: 8.02

On-time performance: 7.1

Customer opinion: 8.3

Claim processing: 8.7

2. United Airlines (UAL)

Overall: 8.07

On-time performance: 7.9

Customer opinion: 7.9

Claim processing: 8.4

1. Qatar Airways (QTR)

Overall: 8.11

On-time performance: 7.6

Customer opinion: 8.9

Claim processing: 7.8