Tulum, Mexico is a sight to behold. Located on the eastern shore of the Yucatan peninsula, Tulum boasts pristine white sand beaches, lush jungles, and ancient Mayan ruins. It is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Mexico!

For those looking for adventure, there are plenty of activities to explore. Zip-lining through the tropical forests is an exhilarating way to experience the natural beauty of Tulum. Plus, swimming off its beautiful beaches or snorkeling in nearby cenotes and lagoons offers a unique look into this gorgeous part of Mexico.

Or for something a bit slower-paced but just as breathtakingly beautiful, take a stroll to the ancient Mayan ruins. They are some of the best preserved and most impressive ruins in all of Latin America and offer a fascinating glimpse into part of its past.

And in addition to its natural beauty, Tulum also offers many other attractions. From its charming boutiques, cafes and restaurants to its vibrant nightlife scene, there is something for everyone in this unique destination.

How To Experience Winter Wonderland in Tropical Tulum

But even though Tulum has a reputation for being a tropical paradise, it can also be a choice destination for experiencing a winter wonderland. Yes, you can enjoy a bit of holiday cheer even in the Caribbean heat. From seasonal menus to Christmas markets, this enchanted city provides a festive way to stay in Mexico for the holidays.

If you and your loved ones are looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, then look no further than Tulum! With its stunning beaches, lush jungles, and fascinating history, it is sure to be a trip you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure! Here are five ways to experience a winter wonderland in tropical Tulum:

Stay at a Themed Resort

At the Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya, guests can experience the best of the best in Tulum with a special side of holiday cheer.

Not only is much of the resort decked out in holiday decor, but there are a number of seasonal experiences to try out during your stay as well. For example, when you stay at this all-inclusive resort, you can experience Christmas Village, a themed marketplace filled with authentic foods, traditional games, and live music.

Or on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the resort offers an exclusive Christmas menu filled with plenty of festive foods and beverages native to the area.

Outside of Christmas, their NYE itinerary is just as great. Guests can sip on handcrafted cocktails and feast on grapes – a popular Mexican tradition meant to usher in positivity for the new year.
And when the clock strikes midnight, the resort kicks off the new year with a live dance party on the beach!

Oh, and did we mention that EVERYTHING is inclusive?

Yes, everything from live DJs to family workshops is included as part of the festivities. So don’t be a Grinch, be sure to thank your waitstaff with a tip to help keep the holiday cheer going strong.

Decorate with Poinsettias

Poinsettias, the traditional Christmas flower, have been a popular holiday decoration since the 19th century. But did you know that the association of poinsettias with Christmas began in Mexico?

According to legend, a small child had no money to give as a present to Jesus at Christmastime. Inspired by an angel, he picked weeds from the roadside and placed them in front of the church altar. When the congregation saw the humble gift, it miraculously bloomed into bright red poinsettias.

From then on, poinsettias became known as a symbol of Christmas cheer and have grown to become a popular holiday decoration.

Celebrate the season with this Faux Lighted Poinsettia 24” Wreath from The Holiday Aisle. Its deep red leaves and star-shaped flowers are a reminder of the joy of Christmas. Plus, each of the 15 flowers includes three micro LED lights as the pistils for a whopping 45 LED lights!

Attend Las Posadas

From December 12th to the 24th, Mexican locals celebrate Las Posadas, which is kind of like a great, big street party with LOTS of singing, dancing, and of course, food.

If you find yourself in Tulum during this time, be sure to enjoy the authentic products sold by vendors along the parade route ranging from handmade jewelry to homemade tamales.

You can also wash down these delicious treats with atole or ponche — both traditional Mexican drinks!

Drink Like the Natives

To celebrate the holiday season, Mexican locals drink ponche, a warm, spiced cocktail. This deep red drink is made with winter fruits and spices, including hibiscus flowers, apples, guavas, tejocotes, and cinnamon.

This winter punch has no real recipe, so whoever makes it can add their own personal touch. Still, the spiked beverage must be cooked for an extended period to ensure a balance in flavor. Many locals add rum or brandy to their cups of ponche, but you can also enjoy it without alcohol.

The tradition was started by the Mexican grandmothers who would make the punch for the whole family. This was done to keep loved ones warm during posadas or Christmas festivals. Normally, locals brew it in huge pots so that even extended families and friends can enjoy it. But you can sip it in a thermos as you make your way through the bustling crowds at a festive posada.

Experience Christmas at Nearby Quinta Avenida

Not too far from Tulum is Quinta Avendia in neighboring Playa del Carmen. For the holidays, Quinta Avenida transforms into an enchanting wonderland of twinkling lights and festive decorations. Every year, the Avenue is adorned with beautiful light displays to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas. Visitors can stroll through a wintery landscape filled with bright colors, magical snowflakes, and classic holiday icons like Santa Claus and reindeer. Of course, traditional Mexican touches are added too – including creative paper cutouts known as ‘ideas’ or ‘papel picado’ that come alive in the night sky.

The festivities extend beyond just the decorations too – street vendors set up shop for those looking to pick up a few souvenirs or snacks, and festive music can be heard playing in the background!

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