TSA Officers In Virginia Discover Knife Concealed In Passenger's Laptop
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

TSA Officers In Virginia Discover Knife Concealed In Passenger's Laptop

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 17, 2022

Some passengers really think they can pull a fast one on TSA, only to find themselves humbled. On November 11, TSA officers stopped a passenger who “artfully concealed,” a knife in his laptop, hoping it would go undetected.

This is just one in a string of similar incidents. This month, TSA agents in Florida discovered a gun stuffed inside a raw chicken, and had a field day writing about it on social media. Other items people tried in vain to get past security include a crystal meth burrito, fireworks and bullets in deodorant.

Think twice before trying to smuggle illegal items past security. It’s not worth missing your flight, a fine or possible arrest.

1. What Happened?

At Richmond International Airport in Virginia, officers stopped a passenger after detecting a knife in his laptop.

According to The Hill, “a TSA officer working the checkpoint’s X-ray machine saw what appeared to be a knife inside a traveler’s carry-on bag. The bag was searched, but officers did not find the prohibited item. The contents of the bag were then separated and screened again.”


2. X Rays Revealed The Weapon

An X- Ray showed the knife concealed in the laptop.

TSA said in a press release, “after obtaining tools that could disassemble the laptop, a double-edged knife was found to have been artfully concealed inside the guts of the computer.”


3. How Did The Passenger React?

At first, the man claimed to have no knowledge, only to confess that the knife was indeed his.

The Hill reported that as punishment, “the man faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty.”


4. The TSA Officers Were Praised

Robin Burke, the federal security director for  Richmond International Airport, had nothing but praise for the team.

He said, “detecting artfully concealed weapons points to the training and skill of our officers who are focused on their mission to ensure that prohibited items that could cause harm are not carried onto flights.”

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