TSA to Implement Mandatory ID Checks for All CLEAR Members
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Travel Noire

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Travel Noire

TSA to Implement Mandatory ID Checks for All CLEAR Members

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jul 17, 2023

CLEAR Plus, a popular trusted traveler program known for expedited airport security screening, may soon lose some of its allure. The Transportation Security Administration has been gradually increasing random ID checks for CLEAR Plus members. The change comes in the wake of a security incident last year, as reported by The Washington Post.

The TSA also plans to subject all CLEAR Plus members to the same ID checks as other travelers. This includes those enrolled in TSA PreCheck.

ID Requirements Will Be Implemented

A TSA spokesperson confirmed that all Registered Traveler participants, including CLEAR Plus members, will be required to present identification for verification using the TSA’s Credential Authentication Technology. The timeline for implementation is yet to be determined.

Currently, CLEAR Plus members can confirm their identity using biometric scans at dedicated kiosks. Afterward, the member proceeds through security without a physical ID check, except for random selections.

The reason behind the impending change has not been explicitly disclosed by the TSA. However, the spokesperson emphasized the importance of accurate and reliable passenger identity verification for aviation security and effective screening.

Does It Make Sense To Get Clear Plus Now?

With a price of $189 per year, a CLEAR membership is more expensive than the $78 for five years of PreCheck. However, the distinction between the two programs is diminishing. The surge in CLEAR Plus membership has led to longer lines at the dedicated kiosks. Lengthier wait times undermine its promise of time-saving convenience. The new requirement of ID checks for all CLEAR Plus members could potentially further increase wait times for passengers at airport security checkpoints.

In response, CLEAR stated that it is collaborating with federal agencies to implement new digital identity standards aimed at transmitting passengers’ identifying information securely without the need for physical ID presentation. The company looks forward to introducing these standards in the future to enhance its seamless and secure traveler experience.

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