Traveling Black Festivals And Events We're Ready For Once The Pandemic Ends
Photo Credit: Livin' Proof Boat Party

Photo Credit: Livin' Proof Boat Party

Traveling Black Festivals And Events We're Ready For Once The Pandemic Ends

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson May 12, 2021

Warmer weather is approaching, which means summer is near! One of the best parts of summer is the annual Black festivals and events we get to attend. From music fests featuring the artists we love, to food and culture festivals that allow us to bring out our flyest outfits— man, what a time to be alive.

This year might be a tad different as Covid-19 precautions are still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With that being said, here are some of our favorite Black festivals and events we hope make a return in 2021.

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Grits and Biscuits


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Founded in 2010, Grits and Biscuits travels city to city while bringing a piece of the south along with them. Each record played is an ode to down south culture, and the musical classics the region has provided us with along the years. 

Recommendation: Catch Grits and Biscuits when they stop in Atlanta. Skip the heels and dress because you will be dancing all night. 

Trap Karaoke

Welcome to the party! Whether you want to participate or just enjoy the show, Trap Karaoke will be the best karaoke experience you have ever witnessed. Imagine a night where you get to sing some of your favorite songs with your favorite people, then imagine your favorite artist popping out to help you sing along.

Trap Karaoke just announced dates for this year with locations including Atlanta, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Houston and more!

RnB House Party


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What better way to catch a vibe than at a house party? That is exactly what RnB House Party is all about. Charles and Shireen Kuykendoll created a party to reminisce on the fun they had in college at house parties, but they wanted the party to remain fun, sexy and get the people dancing again.

There is no word yet on the event returning, but we are hoping they make a return. 


Trappin For the ’99 and 2000s

One thing about Kim Chanel and Junae Brown is they know how to throw a party! What started as a small intimate party in New York City, dedicated to the music most of us grew up on, quickly turned into a city-to-city tour.

As the name states, trap music reigned supreme for a little over a decade, so the movement definitely deserves celebration.






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Afrochella single-handedly provides Black millennials with a way to experience Africa and everything the continent has to offer. While the lineup is what reels the masses into attending, the opportunity to explore Ghana and connect with other creatives in the region is a plus.

Afrochella announced a December 28th date on their Twitter account, we will have our eyes open ready for an official link to purchase tickets.




Fools Paradise is an invite-only travel experience like no other. The carefully vetted and curated travel group, transitioned into an event that everyone wanted to experience. In order to give the people what they were asking for, the founders created FPGarden Party.

FPGardenParty is “a social outdoor experience” thrown to provide great vibes, showcase the best summer outfits and meet new people. Experience a garden party like no other July 31st in New York City.

Recommendation: Wear your best fit.

Roots Picnic Festival



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Roots Picnic Festival is an annual music festival curated and hosted by The Roots. The event is held in Philadelphia, which is the group’s hometown. According to the festival website, Roots Picnic Festival will return June 5, in Philadelphia.

Dreamville Music Festival



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Dreamville Music Festival is curated by North Carolina rapper J. Cole. What started out as a way to give back to his home state, blossomed into a festival showcasing musicians from all over.

Last year’s festival was cancelled due to COVID-19. However, with J. Cole releasing a new album, we are hopeful for a Dreamville Festival and an appearance from Jermaine himself.

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