Woman Shares Now Viral $10 Travel Hack That Saved Her Money On Baggage Fees
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Woman Shares Now Viral $10 Travel Hack That Saved Her Money On Baggage Fees

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 2, 2021

We all love a good travel hack, especially if that means saving money on baggage fees at the airport.

Dallas resident, Iyshia Kirkland, recently took a 4-day family trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with her daughter. A travel planner herself, she decided to test out a $10 hack that she came across. She took to Facebook to share her experience, and the post has now gone viral in the Black Travel Movement group.

“How I packed 4 days worth of clothes, for Vegas, in a travel pillow case,” her post started with.

According to Kirkland, she purchased $10 cases that are normally used to cover the semicircle shaped neck pillows that passengers use on planes. She was able to stuff 4-days worth of outfits into the cover for herself, and one for her daughter.

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Photo by Iyshia Kirkland

“Fill it with your small and minimally ironed items,” she emphasized.

Of course, many people under the post couldn’t understand how she sustained on a 4-day trip carrying just the pillow case covers, but as others pointed out, this hack is to save on baggage fees for those who end up needing to check luggage. She still takes a carry-on, which comes with even the most basic airline fares.

“The essentials can be packed, with minimal care, and the backpack can hold all else,” she replied to one commenter who asked if she would only be walking around Vegas in pajamas and loungewear. “I love it for tank tops, dusters, socks— you know, the smaller stuff.”

Kirkland shared in her comments that she did carry a backpack to store her laptop. She also mentioned how this will definitely come in handy when traveling on budget international carriers that have strict weight limits on carry-on luggage.

The travel case cover that she used can be found on Amazon for $10. Several commenters shared that they will definitely be trying this hack soon to help them save money on baggage fees as well.

TN fam, are you up for trying this travel hack?

You can find more tips and tricks from Iyshia via her website: ptojunkie.com.

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