When Black transgender people travel the world, they often face a lot of tough challenges. These challenges come from both their race and their gender identity. For example, getting the right ID that matches their gender can be difficult. Trans people also often deal with discrimination and even violence in public places, just for being themselves.

It’s often difficult to find safe places to travel. In many parts of the world, Black transgender folks are at a higher risk of being mistreated or even murdered just because of how they identify. Discrimination can manifest in various forms, including denial of service from airlines, hotels, and other establishments, as well as verbal and physical abuse from fellow travelers or locals.

We don’t hear enough from Black transgender travelers or travel influencers. Travel is supposed to be about learning from different people and places, but the stories and experiences of Black transgender people often get ignored. This means that the travel community is missing out on important perspectives and insights.

By amplifying the stories and experiences of Black trans travelers, the travel industry can take meaningful steps toward fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment for all individuals, regardless of race, gender identity, or background. Thankfully, a few Black trans travel influencers are sharing the ups and downs of traveling the globe in their bodies.

Ami – @amis_adventures

Ami is a Black, queer, trans expat and world traveler. He is a travel content creator who makes videos on travel, sexuality, gender identity, food, culture, language, spirituality and so much more. They share resources, tips, and insights for those who want to live a life of liberation. Within a year of their travels, they came out as transgender. Ami focuses on transparency and vulnerability in videos on his YouTube channel, Ami’s Adventures.

Aria Said – @ariasaid

Aria Said is a Black trans activist, philanthropist, and strategist based in San Francisco. Said has traveled to countries like France, Egypt, and Switzerland and often partners with brands and travel companies to show life as a Black trans traveler. As a child, she was fascinated by the culture of ancient Egypt. Last July, she was able to make her ultimate bucket list trip became a reality. Visiting Egypt sparked her childlike wonder for the first time in decades.

By day, Said runs a Resource Generation & Strategic Communications firm and is the founder/president of The Transgender District in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram, @ariasaid, and YouTube.

Malu The Death Doula, @of_earth.and_seed

Malu is a Black trans woman who travels extensively and is a travel coach. South America and North Africa are just a couple of the places she’s explored and lived. She is also an end-of-life doula with her own school teaching others the spiritual practice. Her content on Instagram consists of human rights activism, travel, spiritual practices, and bits of her life and relationship.

She also has a YouTube channel, Of Earth And Seed, where she uploaded a comprehensive video explaining what it’s like to be Black and trans while living in Mexico.