50 in 50: Black Travel Content Creators To Follow Across The Globe
Photo Credit: Courtesy of @thejonrobert

Photo Credit: Courtesy of @thejonrobert

50 in 50: Black Travel Content Creators To Follow Across The Globe

50 In 50
Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Mar 3, 2021

As we begin to plan our future vacations and seek inspiration for trip photos, social media is a great place to reference.

There are tons of content creators out there, but here are 50 Black travel creators that will surely give you both inspiration and a little FOMO.

1. @Hey_Ciara


Ciara is a Houston-based travel blogger, who made her mark in the travel industry when she quit her 9-5 career and started her solo travel journey. If you are looking for tips on solo travel, she’s great.

2. @Chidiashley

Chidi Ashley is not only a world traveler but an entrepreneur of two successful businesses. Her tag line ‘Traveling the world while building global businesses,’ is exactly what you will witness when following her.

3. @walkwithdevwalker


New York City creator, Dev is also a travel and lifestyle blogger. She’s currently on a mission to touch as many countries as possible while bringing her audience along. After visiting 40 countries, she is inspiring fellow inspiring travelers to step out of their comfort zone.

4. @Bellaworldwide

Cassy Isabella is also known as Bellaworldwide she takes the time to dissect each destination and create content around her trips to make her audience feel as they were with her.

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5. @Oneiketraveller


Seen on Travel Channel, New York Live, CNN and more— Oneika Raymond is a TV host and journalist, specializing in educating and empowering others through travel.

6. @travelwithtaliya

Currently, in Bali, Taliya is a self-proclaimed pro travel coach. She provides insider tips, tricks, deals, and guides to traveling globally.

7. @Tanykarenee


A real-life mood board, Tanyka Renee is a world traveler and a pilot who is constantly on the move. Her posts serve as an inspiration to all of her followers.

8. @tanakatravels

Tanaka is a content creator from London, curating content around her travel journey. Her blog goes in-depth with details of her trips.

9. @SpiritedPursuit


Lee Litumbe, also known as SpiritedPursuit on Instagram, mixes her love for fashion, style, and traveling all into one. She uses her platforms to share her travels, hotel reviews, and more.

10. @FromAnnetteWithLove

Running both her personal page, FromAnnetteWithLove and The Fat Girls Guide, Annette is on a mission to showcase plus-size travel & lifestyle guides fit for women.

11. @Frontpage_eb


Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Good Morning America, and Essence, Ebony is a travel nurse practitioner and content creator all at the same time. She teaches women how to build their confidence while inspiring other nurse practitioners to join the travel nurse journey.

12. @HeyAshleyRenne

Want to travel more while practicing a sustainable lifestyle? Ashley Renne focuses on sustainable travel lifestyle content and considers herself a plant-based health expert.

13. @Ashleemajormoss


Currently based in Mexico Ashlee, a travel and lifestyle content creator, brings you along with her to every destination while creative captivating content. If her content leaves you wanting more, she also has a personal blog.

14. @JetSetLisette

Digital creator and award-winning travel podcaster Lisette, combines her travels around the world with digital content in the form of podcasting. Not only do you get the perspective of her travels, but you also receive advice, from her show’s guests.

15. @Urbandan


Urban Dan, is a Black travel photographer and videographer. His stunning pictures and visuals act as a visual postcard, leaving you ready to experience the destination for yourself.

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16. @Queenofvacay

Bria, also known as the Queen of Vacay, is based out of Los Angeles and a full-time photographer. She considers herself a part-time traveler and a world-class foodie. Her page is all things travel, photography, and food.

17. @Theufuoma


Jessica Ufuoma, is a travel blogger and founder of theufuomaexperiences. Through her content she helps people “travel the world and live a life of freedom & purpose.”

18. @TravelwithNeiicey

Ran by Shaneice Crystal, both TravelwithNeiicey and Naturalneiicey are geared towards everything travel, lifestyle and beauty.

19. @Livelifewithtola


LivelifewithTola is a motto at this point. His cutting-edge visuals make every destination look like a dream. From drone footage and film production, you will want to live life just like Tola.

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20. @Evierobbie

Evita Turquoise Robinson, better known as Evierobbie, is a contributing editor and host for Condé Nast Traveler. Evita is also the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online social community primarily for travelers of color.

21. @Tiatakestheworld


Tia is our travel bestie, currently living in Abu Dhabi. She has been to 30+ countries and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Not only do you get content from Tia all over the globe as she teaches remotely, but she’s also here to help you find jobs teaching abroad like her.

22. @AyannaWanders

Inspiring one traveler at a time, Ayanna Wanders is a travel curator and fellow wanderer. Her mission is to create experiences for aspiring travelers on a budget, while exploring the world herself.

23. @Iamsiennachristine


Sienna Christine, is a New York City-based world traveler, lover of all things art, certified foodie, and drone pilot. Her photos are a virtual vision board, perfect for daily inspiration on where to travel to next.

24. @Thepassportabuser

Shakeemah Smith, seen in publications like Forbes, USA Today, Washington Post, and Business Insider, is a solo travel blogger, providing ways on how to take trips within your budget.

25. @IllustratedbySade


26 countries down and plenty more to go, Sade Diaz, known as IllustratedbySade, is a travel content creator and expat based in India. Follow Sade to see where she will be headed next.

26. @Rickontherun

Rick is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Over the last 5 years, he has made a name for himself as a virtual storyteller, using photos to tell a story.

27. @Lipstickcoco


Aisjah, also known as Lipstickcoco, is a blogger focusing on beauty, style, and travel. As she creates makeup looks and fashion reels, she also takes you across the globe with her.

28. @TheQueenofVacations

Samantha uses Instagram like her own personal blog. Known for being a travel connoisseur, hence the name, she is also a successful visual artist and photographer.

29. @Jetsetterjay4


Jay created a blog called Memories Meals and Miles, where she broke down everything from travel tips to travel memories, and even her favorite meals.

30. @swipeszn

Shel is an avid traveler bringing you along with him to every destination. He gives you a sneak peek of destinations ranging from Dubai to Tulum, leaving you to guess where he’ll go next.

31. @Wandering.Britt


Brittany has a passion for two things: traveling and teaching. When she’s not teaching Pre-K, you can find her doing a bit of solo travel and exploring the world.

32. @hadisgotyou

Hadiatu Dumbuya, also known on Instagram as Hadisgotyou is a content creator dedicated to travel and lifestyle short-form content. Based in Detroit, Hadiatu is also well known for being a philanthropist and global change agent.

33. @StripesofJoy


Stripesofjoy creates content on travel, lifestyle, and being plant-based. She’s currently on a world tour, so if you think you can keep up, follow her for a view of the world from her eyes.

34. @TheTravelingChild

The Hambrick Family, is a one-stop-shop for all things family travel inspiration. Not sure of a family-friendly place to bring your kids? Well, their motto is “If kids live there, kids can visit.”

35. @Packslight


Gabby Beckford, is a travel blogger, digital creator, and opportunity queen. Featured in CNN, Buzzfeed, Forbes, Cosmo— Gabby teaches fellow travelers how to travel for free on scholarships.

36. @Wheredidnikkigo

Well, where did Nikki go? The answer is, almost everywhere. Nikki is not only a world traveler but a travel content creator who specializes in Instagram and confidence coaching.

37. @OChristine


O Christine is a digital travel blogger focused on nature, traveling, and overall wellness. Along with her travel journeys, she shares tips on how to live a healthier life while traveling more.

38. @Cedtripping

Cedric Wood is a travel blogger out of Atlanta and also a Doctor of Pharmacy. His Instagram is perfect for all things men’s style, traveling, and adventure.

39. @She.Just.Left


Alexis, coined her Instagram name She.Just.Left, after leaving America and making Vietnam her new home. She is a solo traveler, with over 35 countries under her belt. She uses her travels to bring awareness to self-care outside of America.

40. @Wavydavybaby

David, also known as Wavy, has a simple tagline “Travel, Create, Motivate.” Travel that inspires mental and spiritual growth is what you will find after following David’s travel journey.

41. @Maryjanebyarm


Maryjanebyarm is a full-time world traveler and has been to 104 countries. She now calls Dubai home and enjoys skydiving and other adventures around the world.

42. @thejonrobert

Thejonrobert is the co-founder of Yachtclubcompany, a Black-owned luxury yachting experience in Tulum. When he’s not overseeing his company, he’s doing a little of his own traveling.

43. @Roamingwithromie


Roam with romie, as she sees the world one country, one city, and one continent at a time. She also creates posts dedicated to weekly flight deals.

44. @otis.dublin

Mixing his love for traveling and photography, Otis.dublin is a travel content creator and flight attendant. Using his pictures, videos, and other forms of content to make each follower feel like they are along for the ride.

45. @ajeveryday


Adrienne Jordan is a travel blogger and a self-proclaimed adventure travel writer. She is bringing you travel content while also showing you her hobbies, which include scuba diving, yoga, and meditation.

46. @with.love.brina

Travel blogger, with.love.brina, has perfected two things: travel photos and style. This is one follow you won’t regret. You will be googling each place she visits, wanting to experience the destination for yourself.

47. @Wildginaa


“Storytelling within intimate moments of nature,” says WildGinaa. She is a photographer that uses her travels as an inspiration to create art.

48. @missckn

Caribbean-based travel content creator, Miss Coco is also the founder of luxury swimwear company, cocoknelsswimwear.

49. @Dearra


De’arra Taylor is a social media influencer known for taking lavish trips all over the globe, while documenting them on Instagram and YouTube. De’arra has had photo ops at some of our bucket list destinations including The Maldives, Greece, and La Digue Island to name a few.

50. @Alleyesonjordyc

Jordy keeps us all watching for her next adventure. She created a social media presence based on her ionic fashion looks which were displayed during her luxe travels. She is also the founder of moms on tour, a pampered vacation experience for women— especially moms.

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