Meet The Three Friends Who Loaded Up Their Tesla For A Cross-Country Road Trip
Photo Credit: @livelifewithtola Instagram

Photo Credit: @livelifewithtola Instagram

Meet The Three Friends Who Loaded Up Their Tesla For A Cross-Country Road Trip

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Dec 28, 2020

COVID-19 has made many travelers re-think different ways to fulfill their travel itch. Three friends from NYC, Tola, Ty, and Bisi, woke up one day & decided to embark on a cross-country road trip to get some air.

Their trip started in New York City, made its way to New Mexico, and returned to New York City while making some stops along the way. Travel Noire sat down with the group to discuss the trip and all that went into planning it.


Travel Noire: How did you all come up with the idea to take a road trip in a Tesla?

Ty: It started by saying Tola saying ‘I’m off all next week, ‘what are we doing’?

Bisi: The idea to take a road trip stemmed from the root of all evil (COVID-19). All three of us went to get tested at the same time due to the fact we were all still working prior to the week.

Tola: Not only that, we were feeling travel withdrawals, but the reality of not being able to get on a plane and fly restriction-free was really starting to set in.

Travel Noire: Did you make any stops? What was the end destination for the trip?

Tola: Our destinations were New Mexico to see White Sands, Arizona to see the Horse Shoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, and Utah.


Ty: We stopped in multiple states, especially since we had to stop and charge the Tesla.

Bisi: We stopped in Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado!


Travel Noire: Why a Tesla?

Bisi: We got the Tesla from the app Turo, which allows you to rent cars from their owners. We were scrolling and saw the Tesla Model Y (one of the newest models) & decided right then and there we were going to book it.

Ty: From there it was history–in a few days we were on the road letting the car drive us on an adventure.

Tola: Tesla’s are amazing! We rented a Tesla before for an Atlanta road trip and loved it. I would definitely recommend it for both a road trip and an everyday car.

Ty & Bisi : Agreed!

Ty: In fact, we all plan on owning one or two some day. Driving does get tiring but the Tesla made it a bit more manageable.

Travel Noire: Okay, tell us the favorite part of the whole trip.

Bisi: The best part of the trip was still being able to travel during such hard times. A lot has been going on in everyone’s personal life but being able to get a mental break from it all with your friends is all we needed.

Tola: My favorite part of the trip was definitely getting to the horseshoe bend. The views were breathtaking!

Ty: We all truly enjoyed the Horseshoe bend. The weather was nice and the scenery was amazing. Nothing like we’ve ever seen before!


Destination: Mexico

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