Summer 2022 is one to remember for travelers worldwide. From delayed and canceled flights to lost baggage and crowded airports, the travel industry was in a frenzy

According to data from FlightAware, the five major airlines in the U.S. canceled over 29,000 flights and delayed over 336,000 flights between the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends this summer.

It was the first summer since the pandemic when travelers felt they were fully ready to get out and explore the world again. However, lack of staff, increased demand for travel, and weather conditions all played a part in the chaotic summer travel scene.

Improvements in the industry may not be seen until 2023. In the meanwhile, here are some tips for navigating travel, inspired by learnings from the summer of 2022.

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1. Check on your flight before heading to the airport

If there’s one thing we learned this summer, it’s to check our flight status before heading to the airport. This can save you time and stress instead of waiting in line for hours, trying to catch the next flight. 

You can also monitor the airport’s Twitter feed for updates on any potential issues. 

2. Arrive to your destination a day before your event

If you’re traveling for an event, it’s best to book your arrival at least a day before. This is a great way to prevent feeling stressed out if your flight gets delayed or canceled. So if you’re traveling for a wedding, family function, or an important event, it’s best to arrive before the big day. 

3. Book the first flight of the day

Taking the first flight of the day lowers your chances of your flight being canceled. And if your flight is canceled, you can just get on another flight that day. 

4. Know your rights

Did you know that you are entitled to a refund if your flight is canceled or delayed? Many people don’t know their rights as a traveler. It’s important to check the U.S. Department of Transportation’s policies and learn your rights as a passenger. 

5. Travel with only carry-on luggage (when possible)

Baggage claim has been a nightmare, with many bags being lost. To avoid waiting for hours (or even days) for your baggage, travel with a carry-on. Packing a carry-on is an art, so check out this article that gives tips for fitting everything in your TSA-compliant carry-on. 

What did this summer’s travel experience teach you?

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