Flight Delayed In Israel Because Irritated Passenger Insisted On Smoking
Photo Credit: Photo by Andrew Silmon

Photo Credit: Photo by Andrew Silmon

Flight Delayed In Israel Because Irritated Passenger Insisted On Smoking

Israel , Romania
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 15, 2022

Just when we think we’ve heard the most outrageous story of airplane drama, a new one tops it. A Wizz Air flight bound for Romania from Israel was delayed for hours due to luggage issues and because a frustrated man wanted to smoke.

According to The Times of Israel, “the Wizz Air-operated flight carrying approximately 250 passengers was set to depart when passengers learned that their luggage had not been loaded onto the plane and that they would arrive at their destination without it. Passengers then refused to sit in their seats, and one declared that he wanted to smoke a cigarette, prompting the pilot to call the police.”

Passengers became visibly agitated, prompting crew to wonder whether actual violence would result. The pilot kept the plane grounded until the police arrived to apprehend the smoker-to- be.

Video footage shows officers speaking to the man. The Times of Israel wrote, “other passengers then intervened, telling the first passenger not to stand up because it may ‘entangle him’ further in the altercation.”

The passenger threatening to light up shouted, “I want to smoke a cigarette! I’ve been here for four hours, I’m going to smoke a cigarette! I smoke weed! I’m sick, I’m allowed to smoke weed, I have a permit!”

Then he challenged the officers to “bring Yasam!” Yasam is the unit of the Israeli Police in charge of riot and crowd control.

The Times of Israel added, “police did not detain or remove anyone from the plane and eventually left after questioning those onboard.”

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