London Heathrow is back at the number one spot for the busiest international airline capacity in the world. 

The UK airport was number one previously in 2019 and according to aviation data firm OAG, there will be 762,000 departing seats offered this week. 

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport comes in at number two, with 712,000 departing seats this week. Dubai International airport is number three with 701,000 seats. 

The top 20 largest airports in the world are still down in numbers from their 2019 capacity but are gradually increasing in numbers. 

Airports in Asia continue to struggle because of COVID-19 lockdowns. Hong Kong’s airport was the second busiest international airport in 2019 and now it’s in 84th place. Hong Kong has about 105,000 weekly seats. 

The UK’s aviation market has become the largest in Europe after taking over Spain.