Cruises Are Cheaper Than Ever, Here's What You Need To Know
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Photo Credit: TN

Cruises Are Cheaper Than Ever, Here's What You Need To Know

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 15, 2022

Although the cost of travel has increased significantly, cruises are cheaper than ever.

According to Cruise Sheet, there are currently almost 2,000 cruises costing under $100 a day for an interior stateroom. There are 53 cruises for less than $50 a day, including tax and port fees.

In comparison, hotels’ average daily rates have increased by 20% from the 2019 levels, says STR, a hospitality data and analytics company. 

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Why are cruises cheaper?

Summer 2021 had few cruises sailing the seas as the industry just started operating out of its U.S. ports after the pandemic. This year, multiple cruise lines are back to operating with their full fleets. This gives travelers more options to choose from and book with. 

Although flying to major ports can be expensive, prices are so low that people are reconsidering other travel plans for cruises. 

According to a spokesperson for Carnival Corp., cruises rise in popularity during times of inflation because it’s an inclusive experience. Many cruise lines offer packages including food, drinks, excursions, and airfare. 

Tips for saving on a cruise experience

-Book with a travel agent – they have access to discounts that aren’t publicly available 

-Factor in taxes and fees – a lot of sites don’t include taxes and port fees in advertised fares, so always factor in those extra costs before booking

-Take advantage of price match – if a cruise is more than two months away, keep looking because you may find a cheaper deal, in which most cruise lines will price match

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