A TikToker’s five-star stay at the Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos is the latest subject of our hotel envy.

The Spain-based traveler, a woman named Yahya (@thats__yahya), enjoyed a high-level stay at the Mexican resort while celebrating her friend’s graduation. She and her bestie’s sizable suite included a comparatively large bathroom with Bvlgari bath products. The room had two double beds, high ceilings, and an outdoor balcony. Yahya described the space as “one of the largest standard rooms” she’s ever stayed in. She also shared that she and her friend were assigned two butlers for their convenience.

The only qualm the TikToker highlighted was that her balcony view wasn’t the one she requested. Despite that, she emphasized that she still loved her stay.

“As we continued out to the balcony area, I will say I was a little disappointed at first because this [was] not the view that I selected. Let’s just be real,” Yahya said while touring the room. “This is not what I asked for, but I was having such an amazing time. And I honestly didn’t care at that point, which is so not like me.”

What Did Yahya Love About Le Blanc? And Why Do We Want To Visit It?

Quite frankly, the TikToker’s recap of her stay seemed top-tier from beginning to end. The hotel sent a representative to pick up her and her friend from the airport for transportation to their lodge. Once at Le Blanc, the duo received steamed towels, white roses, fresh coconut juice mixed with mango, and “warm smiles.” Their massive suite had a bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries waiting for them when they entered. One of the beds was even decorated with festive balloons, honoring the friend’s graduation.

The room’s complimentary minibar uniquely had drink dispensers filled with bottles of liquor.

Yayha noted that what “sold” her on staying at Le Blanc’s Los Cabos resort was the gratis hydrotherapy spa service that came with her $1,500 per night stay.

The resort’s accommodations and grounds looked luxurious, updated, clean, and well-maintained. The food and beverages were visually appetizing and generously portioned. The all-inclusive resort boasts eight restaurants, three bars, and 24/7 in-room dining. Visitors can freely participate in wellness and workout activities, and the resort’s private beach has gorgeous sand and crystal blue waters. Notably, there’s free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

“I’ve alway heard you get what you pay for, and I’ve always heard it in a negative [way]. Le Blanc Los Cabos has changed that narrative for me,” The TikToker stated. “Worth the cost, 10 out of 10.”


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