The first thing that comes to mind with all-inclusive resorts is often less than stellar food and unappealing amenities you can find anywhere else around the world. In some cases, all-inclusive resorts can also lack culture, which is why true travelers tend to keep away from them. However, all-inclusive resorts are changing—breaking free from the old stereotypes of bland food, generic rooms, and mediocre service. When you go on a trip with friends, you’ll realize these resorts are different than what you might have thought. 

One seasoned traveler, known for her good taste, recently stayed at Grand Velas on the Riviera Maya. She discovered that it wasn’t like any other all-inclusive she had seen before. Other resorts have also stepped up their game, surprising even the most selective travelers. Club Med’s Sicily property is a great example. It’s part of their Exclusive Collection and feels like a fancy movie set. 

Budgets Among Friends

woman counting money - hotels that take cash
Photo Credit: Riska

One of the perks of all-inclusive resorts is that you don’t have to worry about splitting bills with friends and stressing about money. The traveler who had doubts about all-inclusive now loves the freedom of not having to do the math. They can just order what they want without any concerns. It also evens the playing field for those who may not have excess funds for the trip. Those friends can eat and drink all day without you having to worry about them.

Create Your Own Luxury Experience

Radisson Hotels Americas Punta Cana
Photo Credit: Radisson Blu Punta Cana

With all-inclusive resorts, you can pay a little more to get the desired experience. If your friends secured their own lodging, you can always upgrade your space to a suite, or instead of a glass of champagne, you can opt to buy a bottle. You can find many options at all-inclusive resorts that can make your stay more curated to your standards.

All-inclusive resorts have come a long way and offer a new kind of luxury. It’s time to explore the new all-inclusive experience and embrace the amazing experiences they provide.

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