Founded in 2018 by activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and designer Bridgid Coulter Cheadle, Blackbird Collective is a Black-owned luxury coworking space for women of color. Located in Culver City, Los Angeles (CA), this flexible work and wellbeing membership space designed to connect and gather in the community to support and advance women of color and their allies opened its doors in June, after being shut down because of the pandemic.

This Black-owned luxury coworking space was built through Cheadle’s own experience while looking for a location for her interior design business, she was drawn to spaces owned by women, but they were few and far between. Her exploration led her to create a niche space specifically designed to inspire women of color and their allies to propel their lives and careers.

Courtesy of Blackbird House

“Blackbird was created with the intention of “empowering ambitious women of color and allies to create positive change for each other and the world. Blackbird contributes to a growing $26 billion global coworking market. While temporarily impacted by Covid, like so many other businesses, Blackbird reopened officially in June with renewed vigor and 500 confirmed members,” Cheadle told Travel Noire.

Bridgid got her start as an actress in the 90s. After appearing in several hit shows and in the movie Rosewood – where she met her husband, Don Cheadle – she then returned to UCLA and earned a certificate in interior design and has run a successful design business ever since.

Now, she wants to celebrate creativity, wellness, productivity, and activism – which Bridgid herself espouses. For example, she said she stopped using materials containing VOCs that emit toxic fumes several years before the state of California banned them.

According to Cheadle, Blackbird’s flagship location houses an array of amenities such as a communal workspace, 6 private offices, conference rooms, a Flyness Podcast studio, the Nest main event stage, and the Seeds Café. Other features include smart guest check-in and security, a mother’s room and shower, a meditation BirdLoft, outdoor terraces and patios, and several nooks and lounges to perch from.

“We’ve spent a great deal of time curating the Blackbird space to feel comfortable, empowering, and a reflection of our ethos as a business,” said Coulter Cheadle. “We were excited to open our doors to the community on Juneteenth and allow the world to experience that first-hand.”

For more information about this Black-owned luxury coworking space in Los Angeles, visit the company’s website.