Immersive experiences are increasingly popular in travel accommodations. While all hotels are technically themed, truly unique stays are the new trend. These transcendent rooms bring fans and fanatics into their favorite fictional (or real) places and even provide cool experiences to supplement the dazzling rooms. Guests looking to mix up their vacation can tailor their trip by whatever theme they like, which is an exciting possibility for those who want a little something extra. Some of the top themed hotel rooms mimic iconic movie scenery, help guests reminisce on their favorite time period or look exactly like a popular city.

Check out these iconic hotels all over the world that can set the perfect mood for a phenomenal vacation, whether the trip is for solo tourists, traveling couples or families. 

Kid Themed Hotel Rooms

These hotels with fun themes that kids will love are located all over the world. 
pictured: a water tower with Walt Disney Studios decor

These themed rooms are attentively decorated and have youthful motifs from floor to ceiling. While children love these playful rooms, they are truly made for anyone to enjoy. If these themes spark a feeling of excitement, these rooms may be perfect for an upcoming trip. 

Wizard of Oz 

This room in New York is inspired by the 1939 fantastical film “The Wizard of Oz”. The emerald green room is located in the Roxbury Motel, which is owned by ex-theater connoisseurs. The themed room is officially titled “The Wizard’s Emeralds” and has a real yellow brick road that leads guests through the luxury room. A stay in this hotel, that is over the rainbow, will cost travelers around $213-348 per night. 

Spongebob Squarepants 

The Nickelodeon resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is home to the Pineapple Villa. The luxury villa has two beds and three baths as well as private butlers. All Nickelodeon hotels are all-inclusive, so travelers can enjoy plenty of perks. At this resort, there are plenty of exciting events for kids to enjoy. Guests can check out character meet and greets, get slimed, enjoy the six-acre water complex and meet new friends at Club Nick. This decked-out room starts at $6,385 a night. 

Cinderella Castle

This regal room at Disney World Orlando is a child’s dream. The Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World Resort is an authentic and extremely exclusive room. This suite may be out of reach for many since practically the only way to stay in the room is to win it. Unfortunately, guests can not straight out book this extravagant room. Disney occasionally runs contests (or programs like Make-A-Wish) so that the winner can spend around five nights in the exclusive suite.


The Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada has plenty of unique themed rooms. The pirate room is one of the coolest offerings and guests will appreciate the detailed features of the room. The room has a jacuzzi, a king sized bed and a set of pirate ship bunk beds which sets the scene for its guests in a playful mood. For $370 a night, travelers can commandeer a pirate ship without anyone having to walk the plank.

Star Wars 

This room in England is complete with sabres and character costumes. The cabin is named “Lord Vader’s Quarters” and it is a great room for hard core Star Wars fans. Whether fans consider themselves Imperialists or Jedis, the authentic memorabilia on the walls will turn heads. Solo travelers, families and even couples have enjoyed this room located in Hotel Pelirocco.  

Adult Themed Hotel Rooms

These hotels have mature themes that travelers will love.
pictured: a Las Vegas welcome sign on a bright blue day

These themes are a little more complex, so they are better fit for grown ups. From famous filmmakers to favorite foods, these hotels offer more mature themes. These accommodations offer luxurious and distinct places for travelers to stay in from many different corners of the world. 


The Kingpin suite in Las Vegas is the perfect accommodation for high rollers. At the Palms Casino Resort, guests can enjoy a private paradise with an array of amenities. The room has two professional bowling lanes, a DJ booth, pool table, twelve televisions, complimentary airport transportation (roundtrip) and 24 hour butler service. So, it is clear that guests will get to experience luxury for the VIP when booking this colossal room (which is 4,240 square feet and can fit 10 guests). 


This room in Gapyeong, South Korea is a quirky yet cool option for travelers. It is in the Unique Pension, which guests can reserve online (with knowledge of Korean). If ramen is a favorite and the steamy noodle delicacy entices almost too well, there is a unique room that celebrates that fondness. The room even has a lifesize ramen cup bed that guests can cozy up in, which is one of the most popular features of the accommodation. Each room has a kitchen and guests can even book an option where the owner (who lives next door) provides meat and vegetables for guests to cook. 


The Space Suite in Switzerland takes guests on a journey through the galaxy. The immersive suite is truly a work of art, since it was designed by the artist Michael Najjar. The furnishings of the room include astronaut decor, a walk in closet and a floating bed. While the space-themed suite is actually quaint and fits only one to two guests, it still is an accommodation option that is out of this world. 


Travelers looking for a truly unique and unprecedented themed room will love this treehouse in Sweden. The extraterrestrial accommodation can hold five guests with its surprisingly spacious floating experience. It is located in a vast pine forest, much like UFOs in movies that land in a stranded area. This treehouse is a nature enthusiast’s dream since it is situated in the woods and is near the Lule River. 

Wes Anderson 

This high-end hotel in Oregon is a secluded forest experience that film fanatics will not want to miss. The woodland lodge is a hip, minimalist accommodation in the distinct style of the famous filmmaker Wes Anderson. From the rustic cabins of “Moonrise Kingdom” to the classic yet fanciful stylings of Anderson’s vibrant movies, this accommodation is great for fans. Although it is no “Grand Budapest Hotel,” this humble stay is an exciting blast into the big screen.