Hotel Employee Gives Tips On Checking For Bedbugs In Hotel Rooms
Photo Credit: Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging

Photo Credit: Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging

Hotel Employee Gives Tips On Checking For Bedbugs In Hotel Rooms

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 3, 2022

A woman named Halee or @haleewithaflair on TikTok, shared informative videos for hotel guests. The reason? To teach them how to check for those pesky, repulsive creatures we call bedbugs.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying in a cheap motel on the side of the road, or a 7- star resort. Bedbugs will make themselves comfortable whenever, wherever.

According to Time Out, “bed bugs infest new properties by clinging to clothes or hiding inside someone’s belongings. They are resistant to most commercial pesticides, so the only way to remove them is through traps, vacuums, or heat treatments. And once a bed bug is fed, it can live between 135 and 277 days without a meal and up to 2 to 16 months in general. Female beg bugs can lay five to eight eggs per week.”

Why Did Halee Post The Videos?

According to Daily Express, she was inspired to share “after seeing footage of a couple covered in scars from hotel bedbug bites.”

An article published by University of Minnesota said, “when staying in a hotel it is a good idea to inspect your room for bed bugs as soon as you arrive. Never put your suitcase, clothes or personal items on the bed as this is the most common way to get bed bugs in your possessions and transfer them to your home.”

What Did She Recommend?

“The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure your room is dark,” Halee said.  “Turn off lights, close any shades and use the flashlight on your phone.”

“While everything is off, you’re going to come up here under the covers.”

She approached a hotel bed and said, “this one does have a mattress pad, but you’re going to check under all the creases.”

Hold off on unpacking until you’ve thoroughly checked the room.

And don’t put your suitcase on the bed. Keep it by the door or on a luggage rack.

When you’re home, be sure to wash all your clothes “in order to kill any stowaways.”


Check For Blood Stains

Just because you don’t spot bed bugs, doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

Halee said, “even if you don’t see bugs, make sure you check for spots, like blood spots, because that’s not a good sign either.”

Moreover, “dark spots could be bedbug excrement and may bleed onto the fabric like a marker pen would.”

Check The Hotel Furniture

In addition to bed linens and towels, bedbugs can be found on iron boards and curtains. Be sure to check those, too.

Inspect the seams of sofas and chairs.

Daily Express reported, “bed bugs are nocturnal so turning off the lights may make them more likely to come out to search for prey.”


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