What have you done lately to prioritize your wellness? While traveling, we’ve been enjoying moments of solitude to fully appreciate and show gratitude for experiencing new destinations. This year, we are adding wellness experiences to our travel wishlist with one of the experiences being to practice yoga in Bonaire. 

The Dutch Caribbean island will host their first Yoga & Wellness Festival this summer from June 19 to June 25. With its name roughly translating to “good air,” Bonaire shows visitors why they should visit for optimal wellness this year. 

In partnership with the Bindu Yoga & Healing Center, the Yoga & Wellness Festival will be a week-long celebration of two yoga retreats. Renowned Astanga yoga teacher and influencer Laruga Glaser will hold one retreat. Local yoga teachers will lead the other retreats focusing on gentle healing practices. There will also be special wellness treatment programs by local partners on the island throughout the week. 

Visitors can heal, rejuvenate, relax and explore the island. The yoga festival puts Bonaire on the map as a wellness destination. 

“Hosting an Annual Yoga & Wellness Festival is a great method to promote the island as a premier destination for health and well-being,” shares Miles Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB). “This creates new market opportunities for companies in the yoga, wellness, health, and well-being industry, as well as the health food and lifestyle industries that have a natural connection to this sector.” 

On the last day of the festival, visitors can look forward to a Yoga Festival and participate in various yoga and meditation workshops and wellness activities while enjoying nutritious food, music and a lifestyle market. 

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About Bonaire

With a population of less than 23,000 and no traffic lights, Bonaire is perfect for yogis, nature lovers and travelers searching for rest and rejuvenation. From its untouched nature to its eco-friendly environment, Bonaire is an ideal destination to breathe deep and center yourself. 

Residents on the island believe Bonaire belongs to the generations to come, which is why it is intentionally largely untouched. The island is the first in the Caribbean to protect its surrounding seas with a marine park, created in 1962 as part of the Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA). Bonaire reduces its CO2 emissions due to their usage of wind and solar power, leading the Caribbean in its renewable energy efforts. 

Enjoy the white beaches and beautiful turquoise waters, which have nearly remained the same for the past three centuries. 

Where to eat in Bonaire

If you spend more time in Bonaire, there are incredible food spots to experience. Bagel & Bloom is perfect for a freshly baked waffle, avocado smash or pastry. Enjoy burgers or a fish salad at the courtyard restaurant Meet and Eat. Head to a local favorite, Cactus Fence Supreme, to enjoy a hearty goat stew. 

For the Michelin star treatment, check out Ocean Oasis Beach Club owned by two-star Michelin chef Pascal Beeren. 

Located in the middle of the town’s center, The Coffee Bar Bonaire serves delicious coffee imported from the Netherlands and Italy. 

Explore Bonaire 

Cultural experiences are an integral aspect of travel. While in Bonaire, explore Terramar Museum, a historical and archaeological museum that takes you through 7,000 years of Caribbean history. Book a Bonaire Bird Photography Tour or go birdwatching if you’re into nature and photography. 

Opened last July, Home Of The Muse offers week-long masterclasses on music, acting, creative writing and more. 

Other events this year on the island 

In addition to the inaugural Yoga & Wellness Festival, the island will host its second annual Bonaire Rum Week in June. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this year’s Yoga & Wellness Festival, click here

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