Have you ever left your phone in an Uber? Well, you’re not alone. Uber recently released its 6th annual Lost & Found Index ahead of summer travel. Phones, wallets, and keys came in at the top contenders for most forgotten items in Ubers.

The report reveals the most popular items left behind, the most forgetful cities, the most unique lost items, and the most forgetful days and times. You can also find out which lost items peak on certain days and 2022 Lost & Found trends in the full report.

This year there were interesting forgotten items on the list such as fingernail clippings, tins of caviar, and Grandma’s teeth. 

When it came to the most forgetful cities, Austin, TX came in at number one for the second year in a row. 

 Lexi Levin Mitchel, Senior Consumer Communications Manager at Uber says, “With a busy summer of travel around the corner for so many, and with Mercury in retrograde influencing forgetfulness, we’re back with Uber’s annual Lost & Found Index.”

Uber Forgetful Cities U.S.
Courtesy of Uber

“From a Billie Eilish ukulele and a Bernie Sanders fanny pack to a live pet tortoise and 40 chicken nuggets, folks have been more forgetful than ever this year. As the world continues to get going again, we look forward to helping return these lost items — no matter how unique they might be,” says Mitchel. 

Check out the most forgotten items and forgetful cities below:

The 10 most commonly forgotten items

  1. Phone/camera
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys
  4. Backpack/purse
  5. Headphones/speaker
  6. Glasses
  7. Clothing
  8. Vape
  9. Jewelry
  10. ID

    Courtesy of Uber

The 10 most “forgetful cities

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Houston, TX
  4. Indianapolis, IN
  5. Dallas, TX
  6. Kansas City, KS
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Tampa Bay, FL
  9. Columbus, OH
  10. Phoenix, AZ

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