According to a survey of Uber drivers, New York City riders are the rudest in the nation. The company surveyed its drivers based upon factors which included the courtesy, neatness, and punctuality of their passengers.

When it came to rudeness, the Big Apple ranked number one on the top 10 list, according to NBC New York. The remaining nine cities? Seattle, Washington, D.C., Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago. 

The results may or may not come as a surprise. Last year, a 45-year-old Uber driver suffered a detached retina and loss of vision in one eye after he was struck in the face with a cell phone by a would-be passenger in Manhattan. According to the Daily Mail, Ping Han risked losing his eye and became unable to continue driving for Uber, the only source of income allowing him to provide for his family.

He already had one passenger in his car who was behaving inappropriately. “My first customer was smoking weed in my car,” Han told the Daily News. “The smell lingered in my car. I rolled down the window for more ventilation when I’m about to pick up the second customer.”

While stopped, a man waved his arm, attempting to hail Han as one would a taxi. He demanded Han give him a ride, which Han declined, as Uber drivers are unable to pick up riders outside of those assigned through the app. It was then that Han was struck and injured.

According to the Uber survey, drivers consider the South and Midwest home to the nicest passengers. Cities like San Antonio, St. Louis, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City topped the list when it came to kind and courteous passengers.

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