Keevon A. Maynard, Esq. is the owner of 2 Storeys Catering, a Nassau, Bahamas restaurant uniquely housed in a double decker bus. With a background and degrees in business, law, and international relations, Keevon has studied in the United States, London, and China.  

Originally from Nassau, he decided to move back to The Bahamas after traveling and living abroad for many years.

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

“I not only wanted to be closer to my family,” says Keevon, “but I also wanted to be in a position to give back to my home country.”

2 Storeys Catering began as a food truck idea that evolved into a restaurant experience. Working 14-16 hours a day for a top tier law firm as a junior associate, Keevon found himself unhappy and underpaid. He decided to take the leap of faith and start his own business. 

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

“I pitched the idea to create 2 Storeys Catering and transform a British double decker bus to my parents. I had a blank canvas and a very tight budget. Through expansive prayer and meditation, I allowed my creative juices to flow and just take me wherever with the concept.”

The result was a one-of-a-kind experience that allows diners to enjoy amazing food in a truly unique environment. The restaurant officially opened on November 4, 2021. Keevon says that so far, the reception and response has been great. 

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

“We’ve received a lot of great reviews. Even though we just recently opened, people have been giving great support.  There are a lot of people who, despite living in countries that have double decker buses, have never actually sat on one, let alone dine on one. That’s something that we wanted to be one of the first to introduce.” 

The 2 Storeys menu includes loaded fries, tacos, and burritos that can be made with beef, pulled pork, fish, steak, shrimp, and the conch shellfish native of The Bahamas. The restaurant’s specialty wings include spicy tamarind, guava BBQ, and pineapple BBQ, and are huge crowd pleasers.

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

“People love the wings! We also a variety of fettuccine pastas and appetizers like calamari, onion rings, and quesadillas. We have a full bar with specialty drinks like our fan favorite, the Cool Cumber, which is a refreshing gin cocktail if you want to unwind, our Honey Limeade, and our Spicy Rita, which is our house margarita infused with goat pepper.”

In addition to the consistent menu items, patrons will also find special items, like loaded lobster fries, lobster tacos, and lobster burritos, being offered seasonally.

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

Tuesday at 2 Storeys is karaoke night, and the restaurant also hosts private events, such as birthday parties, office parties, engagement parties, and baby showers.

“We always welcome everyone to join us. The music is great, the food is amazing, the ambiance is like no other, and the drinks are a complete vibe! It’s a given that anyone would have a great time visiting us.”

Photo courtesy of 2 Storeys Catering

Keevon would love to one day see a chain of 2 Storeys, with locations in countries around the world, so he is currently working on continuing to establish and expand his brand.

When in the Bahamas, be sure to stop by and support this new Black-owned businesses. It is located on one of Nassau’s busiest streets, Shirley Street, next to Doctor’s Hospital, and is open every day, except Sunday and Monday, from 11:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, follow @2storeyscatering.

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