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Viral Video: Woman Confronts Passenger Over Racist  Messages On Flight

In a widely shared TikTok video, a woman confronted an airline passenger after catching him...

Brunno Braga May 30, 2023
TikTok Influencer Fined For Hitting Golf Ball Into Grand Canyon

Katie Sigmond, 20, is a TikTok influencer famous for posting videos of pranks on social media....

Brunno Braga Dec 19, 2022
Uber Driver Breaks Into TikTokers Apartment

Most of us take Uber so we can safely make it to our homes and our loved ones. However, for this...

Rafael Peña Nov 2, 2022
Airline Passenger Drapes Hair Behind Her Seat

On a flight from Athens to Amsterdam , a passenger is seen on camera draping her blond hair over...

Rafael Peña Oct 10, 2022

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