According to a recent survey conducted by the travel app Hopper, it appears that this Memorial Day weekend offers some advantages for domestic air travelers. Last-minute domestic airfare is averaging an affordable $273 per ticket. However, travelers heading to Europe might face higher expenses, with fares averaging $1,300 per ticket—an increase of 50% compared to last year and 40% since 2019.

On a positive note, accommodations have become more affordable across the board. Hotel prices now average at $208 per night, offering a more budget-friendly option for travelers. Similarly, car rentals are reasonably priced at an average of $44 per day.

As the holiday weekend approaches, airports are expected to be bustling, with a projected 17 million passengers departing from US airports between Thursday and Monday. The survey conducted by Hopper also revealed that seat capacity is currently scheduled to be 17% higher compared to Memorial Day weekend in 2022, resulting in an increase of over 2 million seats over the past year.

Top departing airports during this busy period are projected to be Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles. Atlanta, in particular, anticipates over a million passengers departing from Thursday through Memorial Day, closely followed by Dallas with an expected 3.4 million departing passengers. Most airports will experience peak traffic during the morning and early evening hours.

International Travel For Memorial Day

For international travelers, the survey indicates that airfares to Europe are at their highest level in more than 5 years, averaging $1,300 per ticket—a 50% increase compared to last year and 40% higher than in 2019. This surge can be attributed to strong demand from travelers worldwide and a high-cost environment influenced by inflation. Moreover, accommodation rates within the United States have actually decreased by 6%, with an average price of $208 per night, compared to $222 per night at this time last year. However, rates in Canada, Spain, and the UK have seen significant rises this year due to the same factors impacting airfares.

Regarding domestic accommodations, the top cities for Memorial Day stays in the US, as identified by the Hopper survey, are New York, Miami, and Orlando. Meanwhile, international travelers can expect to pay 50% more for stays in London and a staggering 116% more for stays in Dubai. On the other hand, those heading to San Juan can expect prices in line with those of 2022.

In terms of car rentals, the Hopper survey indicates an average price of $44 per day at MDW, with most travelers seeking rentals for approximately 5 days. The most popular pick-up destinations include Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas.