If you’re looking for a fun activity with your girls, try wine tasting. There are thousands of wines, each one being very distinct. 

If the wine world intimidates you, going to a tasting is a great introduction to the basics of wine drinking, various notes in wines, the process of winemaking, and how to pair wines with food. 

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The great thing about wine tastings is you can find vineyards across the United States and the world that offer incredible experiences. 

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Here’s what you should know for an enjoyable wine tasting:

Know what to expect

Wine tastings start with an expert explaining the process of wine production. When visiting a winery, you’ll learn about where the grapes are grown and harvested and the climates they’re grown in. 

Before drinking wine, it is customary to inhale deeply and take in the aroma of the wine then swirl your glass. Wine should be savored. When doing a tasting, it’s expected to swirl the wine around in your mouth and then spit it out in a spit bucket provided by the winery. You’ll be tasting a lot of wines, so it’s totally ok if you don’t drink them all. 

If the spit bucket gets too full, you can request to have it switched out. Spitting also allows you to clear your tastebuds before tasting the next wine. 

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

When heading to a winery, it’s best not to wear high-heeled shoes. Instead, opt for chic sneakers or flats. Most vineyards have uneven grounds and you’ll most likely be walking through grassy areas. 

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It’s best to wear dark-colored clothing in case you experience any spills. 

Research wineries before visiting

It’s best to look for wineries with a tasting room. You should also consider the type of wines you want to taste before booking a tour. If you’re more of a pinot drinker, look for vineyards that produce great pinots. Also, consider the weather and climates before booking a tour. 

Don’t forget to eat

You’ll be tasting a variety of wines, so it’s best not to start on an empty stomach. Eat before visiting the winery. Many vineyards offer charcuterie boards on-site, so be sure to nibble on cheeses, fruit, and nuts while drinking. Also, drink plenty of water between wines to avoid dehydration.

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Take notes of the wines you like

Whether you’re bringing a notepad or typing notes on your phone, it’s vital to take notes of the wines you enjoy so you can refer to them for future purchases. When taking notes, write down what you like about the wine as well as any notes you pick up on. 

Arrange transportation beforehand

If you plan on winery hopping, arrange transportation to take you to each winery as well as back to your accommodations. You’ll be drinking, so you want to make sure you have a sober designated driver. 

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