Hot springs have been all the rave in recent years since the benefits of the immersive experience are seemingly never-ending. While simply soaking up the sun in warm waters (that are heated by geothermal heat) sounds like a great time, hot springs are more than what meets the eye. Hot springs are known to aid people in soothing physical and mental ailments.

The Benefits of Hot Springs

This hot spring in Italy is insanely popular for its serene environment. Check out the benefits that travelers can experience after visiting a hot spring like the one in Saturnia. 
pictured: the Saturnia hot spring with people enjoying the warm waters on a cloudy and sunny day

On the physical level of benefits, hot spring waters can heal the skin, which is the largest and most sensitive organ humans have. The waters have high levels of sulfur which have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, as well as high amounts of silica which softens skin. In turn, these can soothe skin conditions (think psoriasis, eczema or even acne). Soaking in the waters of a hot spring also has physical benefits that go beyond skin deep. Hot springs can also benefit visitors by providing a therapeutic experience that helps them relax, promotes better sleep and even reduces stress. A visit to a hot spring can work wonders for travelers. Many people from across the world visit hot springs for their healing properties and to enhance a relaxing getaway. 

Italy’s Legendary Hot Spring

Since hot springs are commonly visited for deep recovery and relaxation, it is no surprise that they are located in stunning locations that fully immerse their guests in pleasure and beauty. One such location is the hot spring which is a popular natural attraction that travelers can find in Italy. Visitors can experience the sprawling hills of the Italian countryside during a visit to Saturnia. According to Roman legend, the god Saturnia (otherwise known as Aurinia) was angered by the wars of mankind and flung a thunderbolt at the earth to create a magic spring of warm sulfurous water to pacify the people. This legend rings true today since it is believed to be a place to retreat and leaves its guests feeling refreshed and happier. Learn more about the hot spring of legend that still thrives today.  

How To Get to Saturnia

Saturnia is a populated yet quaint location in Italy. it is also home to an ancient hot spring. 
pictured: an overhead look at the village of Saturnia, Italy

Saturnia, Italy is a spa town and province of Grosseto in north central Italy. The city has been inhabited since ancient times and has a wonderful history and atmosphere. Since it is not a large town and is somewhat out of the way in the countryside, travelers will notice there are not many straight shots to Saturnia. This hidden gem is closest to Rome and Florence, actually almost exactly halfway between the two. Travelers are within a (relatively) easy commutable distance. They will want to take the train, bus or rental car to get all the way to Saturnia. 

From Rome, the trip to Saturnia has a varying travel time. First, travelers should take a train that goes to Albinia (some may be to Pisa and simply make a stop but as long as travelers can get to Albinia, which has the closest train station to Saturnia, they are well on their way). After the almost two hour ride, travelers should take the bus to their next destination. To arrive in Manciano, take the number 41P train and from there take bus number 17P to get to Saturnia. The commute after the initial train ride is what adds travel time to this route. 

From Florence, the distance to Saturnia is best completed on a train or bus. A train from Livorno Centrale takes five hours to get to Saturnia and costs around 95-170 euros. There is no direct bus to Saturnia from Florence, but travelers can arrive at Saturnia via Grosseto F.S. and Scansano Centrale. Taking the bus adds around 45 minutes to the travel time from Florence to Saturnia. 

Best Time To Visit the Hot Springs in Saturnia

Saturnia, Italy is a hidden gem that travelers should visit. It is even enjoyable all year round.
pictured: the hills near Saturnia hot springs during the fall

 The best times to visit the Saturnia hot springs are during spring or autumn. The spring season (between March and May) is the best time to appreciate warm yet mild temperatures. Since the warm weather is just beginning in spring, travelers can also avoid fighting crowds. There are less visitors during this time since the sun is not beaming at its fullest capacity. During Autumn, the environment is naturally cooler so visitors may notice a more refreshing contrast when they enter the spring waters. Between September and November, the warm waters will ease the somewhat chilly weather and visitors can take in the autumn foliage. The popular season for Saturnia begins in May, so travelers looking to visit and have more personal space should avoid traveling to this attraction in the summer. The springs are open 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, for free.