Travelers chose recreational vehicles (RVs) and road trips during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic which allowed them to travel while practicing social distancing. RVs allowed people to take road trips and travel at a time when air travel was restricted. The vehicles are great for camping and exploring the outdoors and they come with beds and bathrooms.

Two years later and Americans are still fans of RV travel, this time as an alternative to booking a hotel. 

“The demand for RV’s are still pretty high. It has tapered off somewhat but people still want to vacation,” says William Schams, General Manager at PleasureLand RV Center to ABC News 19.

RV Rental
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How long do people rent RVs?

Travelers commonly rent RVs for long weekend trips from Thursday to Sunday and seven-day trips during the week. Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in 14-day rentals.

When looking for a rental, ask for a Class C. These vehicles are spacious and ideal for groups and families. Most people book Sprinter vans and Airstreams when renting. 

If you’re nervous about driving a bigger vehicle, it’s best to stick with a Class C or B.

How do I book an RV?

There are many online services where you can rent an RV. RVshare is a great option and allows you to rent straight from the owner, similar to Airbnb. There are over 100,000 vehicles on the site. You can even get it delivered to you!


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Where do I go with my RV rental?

If you’re planning on going camping, keep in mind that popular campgrounds are generally booked in advance. 

RVs are great alternatives to hotels — it’s cost-effective and allows you to pull up in any city without having to pay for lodging.

Cool places to go with your RV rental includes, but are not limited to beaches, visiting family, festivals, and national parks.

Benefits of renting an RV

Choosing to rent an RV for your next trip could save you time and money instead of booking air travel and dealing with delays and cancellations. 

You don’t have to search for hotels, because you can stay in the comfort of your RV. You’ll also have more freedom to travel the way you want, on your time and terms.

According to the RV Industry Association, 2022 is projected to be the second-best year of production for RVs ever. 

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