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road trip

7 Popular Destinations To Celebrate A Divorce

Divorce parties and vacations are becoming more popular. It comes as no surprise, considering...

Mitti Hicks Jan 16, 2024
Compact Road Trip Games and Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Traveling with kids means hearing the question, “are we there yet?” The long ride can be a great...

Patrice Williams Aug 1, 2023
5 Stunning Routes For The Perfect Fall Road Trip

Fall is in full swing, and we love every minute of it. The leaves are stunning shades of red,...

Kelsey Marie Oct 31, 2022
Road Trips You Can Take Within The State Of Florida

Road trips are one of the safest ways to get out of town these days. Simply pack up your family,...

DeAnna Taylor Oct 8, 2020
Black Heritage Road Trips: Exploring California's Pacific Coast Highway

Rarely highlighted in popular travel guides are the rich African Diasporic histories that shape...

Danielle Dorsey Jul 20, 2019