For many families, the fear of stepping outside of their own bubble during the COVID-19 pandemic, has kept them sheltered at home for months on end. However, the Dragon family decided to create their own bubble.

“After navigating COVID and civil unrest for months, my family decided we all needed a safe break from months of running our green construction business and virtual schooling,” Yvonne Dragon told Travel Noire.”

Yvonne, her husband Randall, and their two children (ages 10 and 13) rented an RV in June, and set out on a cross-country journey that covered 5,100 miles. The initial plan was to travel to Japan for this year’s Summer Olympics, but COVID shifted that plan.

Courtesy of the Dragon family

“Our thought was to create a bubble and take it on the road. We were experiencing daily protests here in Atlanta and were exhausted like many other Black families, with the justified unrest occurring the in our country. We thought traveling and exploring new places would give us a mental and emotional break.”

In addition to seeking a much needed mental reset, the Dragon’s also wanted to open their children up to a new experience, while teaching them to occupy spaces where Black people are not always seen. Additionally, having immense joy, is a form of resistance.

The family chose to rent an RV versus doing RV sharing. This provided them any needed technical support, plus the pricing options were better with a rental. Their RV was very spacious, and was about the size of a tour bus.

Courtesy of the Dragon family

“Our goal was to go to Malibu, California because they have a thriving RV community, with really nice RV parks,” Yvonne said “Also, people park right off of the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean.”

Once they made the decision to travel to Malibu, their daughter researched interesting places along the way and their son calculated the mileage for reasonable stopping points on their journey. Based on the research Baton Rouge, San Antonio, and Phoenix were ideal stops on the way to California, and Utah, Albuquerque, and Oklahoma City on the return.

In total, the Dragon’s covered 5,100 miles. WOW!

Courtesy of the Dragon family

The children spent time swimming at the RV park pools, which were nearly empty, and simply spending time with each other outside of their usual environment. They were also able to experience the beaches of Malibu and Zion National Park.

“We probably won’t do 5,100 miles again, but we definitely plan to do another RV trip. Our next trip will either be to the Blue Ridge mountains, or a tour of Florida beaches.”

Yvonne highlights that they felt very safe in in their bubble during the entire journey. The people and families they met along the way, were welcoming and friendly.

Courtesy of the Dragon family

For any families considering their own RV trip, Yvonne offers the following tip:

“Make sure you understand your RV before hitting the road. Research RV parks to see how remote and kid-friendly they are. Look for National and State Parks, because they are great places to explore and are typically inexpensive.”

To learn more about the family’s trip, you can find them on Instagram at: @vonnebusybeingbrave.

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