All-you-can-eat steakhouses in Brazil are considered a national treasure, and a tradition that has existed for centuries. Known as Churrascaria Rodízio, the steakhouses attract thousands of Brazilians, and foreigners,  every week to enjoy the best of a typical Brazilian BBQ experience.

In a regular Brazilian Churrascaria Rodízio there can be up to 30 different types of meat. The skewer-toting waiter approaches the customer with a cut to be chosen. The cooking process consists of stabbing hunks of meat onto the skewer and then slow-roasted rotisserie-style over charcoal to lock in the juiciness and flavor.

Picanha (Brazilian cut beef), sausage, chicken, pork, and lamb make Brazilian steakhouses a paradise for meat lovers.

Travel Noire has rounded up the best steakhouses in the city of Rio de Janeiro where you can enjoy not only meat itself, but also salads, tropical fruit juices, fish, seafood, and in some places— sushi. If you are a true meat lover, this list is for you.

1. Fogo de Chão

The most popular Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chão, has two locations in Rio as well as dozens of others throughout Brazil and the United States.

The most requested meats are picanha (Brazilian beef cut), ancho (rib steak) and ox shoulder. Fogo de Chão’s buffet also has an extensive salad bar with lots of choices. 



2. Carretão Churrascaria

Carretão has the best bang for your buck in Rio.

For $20,  you can enjoy different types of meat, seafood,  salads, antipasti and Japanese food. In the lounge, waiters serve the most classic Brazilian cuts of barbecue.

On the weekends, locals and tourists line up at the door. It  is located in the iconic Ipanema neighborhood.


3. Churrascaria Palace

Located in the world-famous Copacabana neighborhood, Churrascaria Palace, founded in the 50s, is one of the most traditional steakhouses in Rio.

Meat lovers will enjoy  the beef rib, chorizo ​​steak and picanha, which is the restaurant’s flagship.

You can also enjoy fish, seafood, and a delicious salad buffet.

If you drink alcohol, you should order caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar, and lime.  

4. Assador Churrascaria

Assador Churrascaria is the most sophisticated steakhouse in Rio, with a stunning view of the Guanabara Bay and the Sugar Loaf.

The restaurant offers various types of prime meats. Cheese empanadas, salads, grilled salmon and seafood are also great options.


5. Rio Brasa Steakhouse

Rio Brasa steakhouse offers one of the most varied buffets, with salads, seafood and recipes from Arab, Jewish and Japanese cuisine. 

Save some room for the premium rib and the lamb shoulder, both of which melt in your mouth. The place is huge, and it is located in Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro’s west side.

For families with kids, there is a playground for children.

6. Pampa Grill Steakhouse

Pampa Grill is the only Brazilian steakhouse on the list, located in Rio’s downtown area. But, make no mistake. This all-you-can-eat barbecue is at the same level of the fanciest steakhouses in town, with a great variety of meat (picanha, sausage, lamb, pork and chicken).

The food is fresh, tasty and with excellent quality. They also serve seafood such as oysters, crab, and octopus.

7. Marius Restaurant

Located in front of Copacabana Beach, Marius Restaurant recreates an old pirate ship. 

Picanha, kobe beef, lobster, oysters, lamb, and shrimp are highly recommended for meat and seafood lovers. Salads, desserts, and cocktails are also delightful.